vol.1 桃の節句(1)

vol.1 Peach Festival (1)

"A life of celebration"

Celebrating the seasons means reaffirming the joy of growing children and gratitude for living by ``arranging our lives, decorating with the seasons, and eating celebratory foods.'' Through celebration, we can recycle our current environment and lifestyle.

Enjoy the richness of spending time with celebrations at one of the turning points of the changing seasons.

Celebrating Doll's Festival on March 3rd

A life with celebrations vol.1 Peach Festival “Decorating the celebration”

1. Day to display Hina dolls

One sunny day in early February.


The first day of spring was celebrated the other day, and according to the calendar, spring has arrived. It's still winter at home, but spring is just around the corner at our house. It's the day to decorate my daughter's Hina dolls for next month's Doll's Festival.

My daughter, who is now 3 years old, is very interested in Hina dolls, unlike last year.
The curious look on her face makes me realize once again that she has become a "big sister".

The day to display Hina dolls Hina dolls are displayed during the 24th seasonal period from ``First Spring'' to ``Ramen Water''. It is said that it is best to display it on a sunny day at the beginning of the spring, or on a day that coincides with Daian.
*Some regions celebrate according to the lunar calendar, so please celebrate according to the customs of your region and each family. 

2. Daughter's Hina doll

The Hina doll that I got for my daughter was one that I finally decided on out of many Hina dolls two months before the first festival.
design and price. face and material. Royal costumes and Kimekomi. A variety of Hina dolls made from wood and glass. For two months, I was thinking about how I should decorate and how I should make my memories memorable, consulting with my mother and friends, and looking at social media.

At the time of the first festival, I was so happy to celebrate my daughter that I thought to myself that it would have been the same no matter which doll I chose, but as my daughter gets older, I'm glad I tried so hard to choose one. .


My daughter, who is now three years old, is able to do more things and is always interested in everything with a sparkling look in her eyes. A daughter who is trying her best to become a big sister little by little next to her little brother who was born last year.
``I want to do that'' and ``I don't want to do this!'' Amidst the ever-changing claims, I can really see my growth.


It's a month from the time the Hina dolls are displayed until the Doll's Festival.
Festivals are a time to face growth once again, even in the busyness of daily life.
This year too, my daughter will be lining up next to the hina dolls that have been lined up next to my daughter for her first festival, 1st and 2nd year olds.
This year, we are decorating the dolls together and are fully understanding that they are our own dolls, and that they are different and special.
“Take care and be gentle,” my daughter repeated my words, carefully decorating the doll.

It looks like we're going to have a special season again this year.



“Living with celebrations vol.1 (Peach Festival edition)”

A one-of-a-kind photographer who captures the loveliness and atmosphere of “that moment” with the exquisite essence. The expressiveness and nostalgic nuances that feel strangely familiar are endlessly gentle and warm. Every time I look back at the photos, I come across photos that remind me how important "the present" and "the present moment" are, shine a spotlight on "in our lives," and gently teach us methods for welcoming daily life happily. Masu.




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