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[Puca] Hanakoromo + HAREGI set Noshime

[Puca] Hanakoromo + HAREGI set Noshime

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  • Size/Material
  • Noshi/gift wrapping

Hina dolls wearing Puca costumes

“Hanakoromo” + “Haregi” set

This is a great value set that includes the new product ``Hana Koromo'' and the ``Haregi'' which is the motif of the costume.
We have two types available: a noshime pattern and a rabbit pattern.

Special costumes

As the name "Hanakoromo" suggests, the "clothing" is the highlight of the Hina dolls.

The kimono is layered with original cute patterns and has a shape unique to Puca, making it very cute. It expresses the cuteness and beauty that can be displayed forever even when your child grows up.



The HARE series of the colorful brand "Puca Style", created by the brand "Puca", uses popular textile patterns as costumes for hina dolls. The original textiles come in unique color combinations that even stylish moms can enjoy.


[Hanakoromo] and matching pattern costume

Let's celebrate the Peach Festival by wearing [best clothes]♪

For those who purchase hina dolls

Complete 5-piece set present



・3-piece care set (feather duster, gloves, cloth)


・Photo frame (with “Happy Hinamatsuri” music box)

There are care sets that are often forgotten, but are useful to have, and clothing that looks gorgeous during celebrations. The photo frame that will remain as a memorable memory even after the celebration is over comes with a music box that says "Happy Doll's Festival."

Puka Hanakoro also has the taste of art and crafts, which sets it apart from mass-produced products.

High-quality items that you will never get tired of choosing from an adult perspective are dolls that you will want to display even after your child grows up healthy and becomes an adult.

Please enjoy this wonderful Hinamatsuri that will bring smiles to your family's faces for years to come.


商品サイズ [Hina dolls/Hanakoromo folding screen set]
Width 45cm x depth 27cm x height 30cm
[Best clothes]
Length: Front 32cm, Back 34cm
Sleeve length: 28cm
The size can be worn by children aged 0 to 3.
箱サイズ [Hina doll/box size]
■Folding screen box■
Long side 49cm x short side 31.5cm x height 8cm
■Doll box■
Long side 31cm x short side 28cm x height 18cm
素材 【set content】
・Decoration stand
・Two round pedestals
・Two folding screens
・Male Hina/Female Hina

[Gift item contents]
・3-piece care set (feather duster, gloves, cloth)
・Photo frame (with “Happy Hinamatsuri” music box)

About Noshi and gift wrapping

・You can choose "Noshi" for this product.

・If you would like it, please add "Noshi Hanamusubi" to your cart from [Gift Wrapping].

・Noshi is available free of charge.


“Noshi Wrapping” item page

*This product is "Uchi Noshi".

*Please note that "original wrapping" is not available.

(The appearance of Noshi varies depending on the region, so please contact us if you have any questions or requests .)

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