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Thirty-Five Imperial Princes Ornament, Finest Pure Silk, Cut and Fit, Hisayu Shimizu 176-176 Echizen Painted Wooden Flat Set

Thirty-Five Imperial Princes Ornament, Finest Pure Silk, Cut and Fit, Hisayu Shimizu 176-176 Echizen Painted Wooden Flat Set

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A masterpiece that captivates with its beautiful shape
Female Hina doll artist Hisayu Shimizu


Hina dolls with an elegant and sophisticated appearance of Heian beauty that exude a presence like no other.


The soft, wrinkle-free, natural kimonos are made by actually tailoring and dressing the dolls.

The uniform hem and layering around the sleeves make the frame look beautiful, highlighting the beauty of the silhouette. Using traditional Japanese patterns and colors that are faithful to history, it expresses luxury and elegance. In addition, ``Kozo'' is used for the lining, and it is made with durability in mind while being delicate, so you can display it beautifully for a long time.

By harmonizing colors born from Kuyu's unique sensibilities and carefully selected materials, he not only strives for perfection, but also creates masterpieces that touch the hearts of those who hold them.


Elegant and elegant beauty

Beautiful silhouette when viewed from 360 degrees



In particular, for female dolls, we aim to bring them as close to the real thing as possible, and we take a lot of time and effort to dress them, including the uniform frame-shaped hem and sleeves, and even the back of the doll, which cannot be seen from the front.

Finest costume - Finest pure silk cut-in

The biggest charm of this Hina is the gorgeous patchwork on the sleeves. Several different types of cloth, such as karaori and gold brocade, are pieced together to create complex patterns.


Kuyu's modern color sense stands out with its elegant and sophisticated Heian beauty, and the supple form stands out beautifully with the finest obi fabric. Only Kobo Hiina can handle a wide variety of high-quality fabrics and obi patterns.

Noble and elegant color gradation and dressing techniques. Harmony of sensitivity and materials. Expressing new beauty, it will not only be a pursuit of perfection, but also a masterpiece that will touch your heart, born from Kuyu's unique sensibility.


Attention is paid to even the smallest details, such as the construction of the fish bags and stone belts.

Attention is paid to even the smallest details, such as the construction of the fish bags and stone belts.


A clear and dignified face

Motoyasu Kumakura

He has a workshop in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture. The face is sophisticated and elegant, with careful attention to detail, including not only the original model but also the brushwork and makeup. Pure silk is used for the hair. The transparent and dignified expression attracts many customers even in stores.

Tool set carefully selected by Hisayu Shimizu


Surrounding tools exist to make the doll stand out more beautifully. Among these, folding screens and decorative stands play such an important role that they influence the overall image.

The simple structure, which highlights the dolls with carefully selected folding screens and decorative stands, exudes high quality and elegant artistry.



■ Folding screen ■

Quality and presence that stands out because of its simplicity

The folding screen enveloping the elegant space retains the texture of Japanese paper.

The sophisticated colors make the doll stand out even more beautifully.

■ Specially made decorative stand ■

This stylish decorative stand has a depth and width that is well-calculated for modern rooms.

A gold Echizen lacquered decorative stand is used, which has a different texture from the folding screen.

The matte texture subtly reflects the light of the snow cave, creating a luxurious and luxurious atmosphere that is different from polish. In addition to the beautiful design, consideration has also been given to the practicality of making it less likely to attract dirt or scratches.



The [Hiina] logo is proof of authenticity.

■ Snow Cave

When you turn on the light, you can feel the texture of the material, and it is warm and full of elegance.

Yukido is made of Waron paper, which is stronger than washi paper and is less likely to tear or bend.

■Kyuu original wooden sign

For those who purchase hina dolls

Complete 5-piece set gift



・3-piece care set (feather duster, gloves, cloth)


・Photo frame (with “Happy Hinamatsuri” music box)

There are care sets that are often forgotten, but are useful to have, and clothing that looks gorgeous during celebrations. The photo frame that will remain as a memorable memory even after the celebration is over comes with a music box that says "Happy Doll's Festival."


Hisayu Shimizu's Hina dolls have the taste of arts and crafts that stand out from mass-produced products.

High-quality items that you will never get tired of choosing from an adult perspective are dolls that you will want to display even after your child grows up healthy and becomes an adult.

Please enjoy this wonderful Hinamatsuri that will bring smiles to your family's faces for years to come.


[Hisayu Shimizu Career]

Kuyu Shimizu

Born in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture in 1938
From the age of 18, she aspired to become a doll maker when she was married to her husband.
1965 Certified as a Hina Doll Craftsman
1986 Established Yusoku Kobo “Hiina”
Since 1993, he has been demonstrating the production of Hina dolls at Takashimaya in Tokyo.
2008 NHK Nagoya Hot Evening “Tokai no Takumi” coverage aired
2010 Japanese color and layered color exhibition in Himeji sponsored by Asahi Shimbun
2011 Exhibited at "JAPANN EXPO Japanese Culture Festival in Paris"
2012 Exhibited at "TBS Doll Show 2nd"

商品サイズ Decoration stand: Width 80 x Depth 40 x Height 3
(Round pedestal): Φ30 x height 1

Princess: width 25 x depth 26 x height 14
Hall: width 22 x depth 18 x height 25

Folding screen: width 25 x height 22 x 4 pieces
Snow Cave:

Standing tag: Width 9 x Depth 4.5 x Height 6
素材 Costume: finest silk
Cut-in folding screen: four curved red Japanese paper folding screen
Decoration stand: Echizen lacquered wooden flat stand
Snow cave: No. 25 square paper lantern (cord type)

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