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Optional family crest |Indoor carp streamer

Optional family crest |Indoor carp streamer

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This item cannot be purchased separately. Please purchase together with set products.

Add your name to a special carp streamer just for your child!

It has been a tradition since ancient times to decorate streamers with family crests and children's names. The main meaning of displaying carp streamers is to raise one's career, but they can also be displayed to pray for the birth of children and good health, and to ward off evil spirits. It is said that people began to put their family crests and names on streamers, expressing the wish that ``I want God to pay attention to me and protect my children.''

《Optional family crest/flower emblem》

Only family crests and flower crests are available as options.
Family crests, individual flower crests, and name engravings will be engraved in the basic color of each streamer.
If you would like a color other than the basic color, please specify the color.

The same family crest or flower crest will be placed on both sides.

If the family crest you are ordering is on the list, please specify the name of the family crest and the number of each family crest.

◉The family crest shown below is an example. We will accept any other family crests for a flat fee.
◉For complex family crests, please email us a sample. ◉Please note that the name of the family crest varies depending on the family crest book.

The individual flower crest represents “day”

There are 366 days in a year, including February 29th, which occurs only once every four years in leap years.
The flower individual crest is a 366-day birthday symbol that represents seasonal flowers as a crest.

The Japanese love for flowers, their sensitivity to the changing seasons, and their intelligence to find many meanings in simple shapes. Learning about such Japanese spirituality from family crests, the new culture of "individual crests" was born, and the "366-day flower individual crest" was born.

The individual flower crests are selected from flowers that symbolize the day, taking into consideration the appearance, nature, and history of the flower. Each individual flower crest incorporates a flower associated with the blooming season, traditional Japanese events, and annual events such as festivals.