5.Puca Styleで彩る七五三

5. Shichigosan decorated with Puca Style

Japanese celebration <Shichigosan>

As the name suggests, Shichi-Go-San is a festival to celebrate and pray for the healthy growth of children, and is held at ages 3, 5, and 7. In the past, the mortality rate of children was so high that children up to the age of 7 were treated as children of the gods.Therefore, it was a great joy to see a child grow up safely, and as a parent, you wanted to help them grow up healthy. It was something I couldn't help but hope for. At the age of 3, both boys and girls have a ``hair ceremony.'' At the age of 5, only boys perform the ``Hakamagi ceremony,'' and at 7 years old, girls perform the ``Obitoki ceremony,'' where they visit the shrine and perform a ritual.
When children turn 7 years old, they are recognized as full-fledged people by God's children, and we thank God for allowing them to grow up this far and pray for their healthy growth in the future.

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HAREGI on the special day <Shichi-Go-San>

Rather than looking like everyone else, I want to dress up with items that are a little more unique to me.
PucaStyle's HARE series is perfect for such moms.

To be able to do more. Making various facial expressions. It's all about the precious growth of children. Precious memories as your family grows. Whether it's a special day or everyday life, a child's growth is a family's HARE day.
Capturing your family in a photo that only exists now
Let's spend some precious time together.

HAREGI can be worn instead of a cover. It can hide the unruliness of the obi, and unlike cloth, there is no need to pass the sleeves through, so there is no sagging around the sleeves, reducing the feeling of being uncomfortable when wearing a kimono for the first time. The HAREGI silhouette goes well with kimono and hakama and is recommended.

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