living with sunshine

living with sunshine

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``Hare'' refers to special days such as New Year's and Obon, when people celebrate and express their gratitude to nature, God, and the good health of their families. In ``Living with Sunny Days,'' we will introduce ideas and products to help you have fun and incorporate sunny days into your daily life, with a focus on children's celebrations.

Celebration is to say thank you for being born.
The thought of caring for you.

Living with the seasons. Spending time with the whole family. Learning about culture. Relaxing in your sense of the seasons. Feeling your growth.

A special time at a seasonal turning point

Memories that accumulate,
On a sunny day that will be close to your family forever.

"Hare" is a special day to celebrate seasonal milestones such as New Year's and Obon, to express gratitude to nature and God, for the growth of our family, for being healthy, and for the many memories we have. It refers to

In everyday life, celebratory events are held on fixed days depending on the season.
This is a fun event for children.
Celebrations that are repeated every year become irreplaceable and joyful memories.

Celebrating is a sign of love for your family.
The experience of being loved strengthens family bonds.

Events are also a place to pass on culture.
While having fun as a place to feel the seasons and learn about Japanese traditions,
You will acquire wisdom, knowledge, and manners.

The event is based on a spirit of understanding that is unique to Buddhism.
We will cultivate the Japanese spirit, such as compassion, compassion, and moral sense.

Living with sunny days is a way to incorporate “sunny days” into “daily life”.
We will introduce ideas and products to help you have fun.

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