We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about carp streamers.

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Who will buy it?

Traditionally, it was prepared by the mother's family, but recently more and more families are not sticking to this.
Of course, there are many grandparents who wish to give May dolls or carp streamers to celebrate the first annual festival, so it is important to consult with both parents before making preparations.

When do you start and end to display carp streamers?

Generally, they are prepared on a sunny day from the vernal equinox to mid-April, and are often displayed for a month to a month and a half during the beginning of summer (around mid-May).
(Some regions and families decorate according to the lunar calendar, so please celebrate according to the customs of each family.)

Also, depending on the family, it may be served on Taian, which is an auspicious day. There is no particular rule regarding when to put out carp streamers, but as long as you put them out at a convenient time before Children's Day, there will be no problem.

From what age do you decorate?

Let's decorate children from the first festival until they are 7 years old.

There is an old saying that goes, "Up to seven are in God." In the past, it was rare for a child to grow up safely until the age of 7, and it was believed that children up to the age of 7 belonged to the gods, and their fate was left in the hands of the gods.
There is a belief that the carp streamer completes its role as a sign of gratitude to the gods that the child has safely grown up to the age of seven.

Officially, there is no set age limit for decorating.
There is no problem in continuing to display it until you reach milestones such as 15 years old, the old Genpuku age, or other milestones.

Can I display both the May doll and the carp streamer?

There are ``carp streamers/banner flags'' and ``Satsugatsu dolls/helmet decorations.'' Each has a different ``decoration meaning,'' so many families display both.

Carp streamers are a symbol of `` wishing for healthy growth and success in life '' and for children to grow up healthy and strong, just like carp streamers swimming leisurely in the sky.
May decorations are displayed as talismans to protect children, with the hope that they will avoid disasters such as illness and accidents and grow strong .

Should I buy one for my third or second son as well?

Basically, it is said that one per person is desirable.
If you have carp streamers at home, some people add more carp streamers, add names, or add more carp streamers.

Similarly, some families display May dolls by adding name tags and other items.

Care/How to spend your time

What should I do on a rainy day?

Although the color will not fade due to rain, dirt may become stained due to acid rain. Also, avoid frying on rainy days, as this will cause the color to fade and the dough to deteriorate more quickly. If it gets wet in the rain, please dry it immediately.

What is the lifespan of carp streamers?

The materials for carp streamers can be broadly divided into polyester and nylon, and festival banners are made of cotton. Color fading will vary depending on the material, but polyester fibers are applied special pressure (3 kg, 140°C, 35 minutes) to fix the color, so the color may begin to fade after about 5 to 8 years. ㊟Durability will vary depending on usage conditions and environment.

How should I put away carp streamers and flags?

Dry your carp streamers and flags thoroughly and store them in a dry place.
Remove dirt from poles, wipe them thoroughly with a dry cloth, and lubricate moving parts such as arrow wheels and pulleys before storing them.

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