Vol.1 鯉のぼりを飾る場所

Vol.1 Place to display carp streamers

Let's think about where to display it. 3 points

1. Think about where and where to display it


Do you want to display it outside? Decorate it at home?

When choosing a carp streamer, first think about where and what size carp streamer you would like to display. In recent years, there are many different types and designs for decorating outdoor and indoor carp streamers, so feel free to use your imagination.



2. Measure the location while imagining it.


Make a note of your image, installation diagram, and measurements of the location you want to install.


A guideline for determining the size of the carp streamer.


3. Let's tell the professionals (sales staff)


Let's tell the sales staff the measurements of the installation location taken in step 2 and the image of the carp streamer you created in step 1.

Why tell the sales staff?

Actually, I often hear people say, ``I bought a carp streamer, but I wasn't satisfied with it.'' It's not a cheap purchase, and even though I bought it to celebrate my grandson and son, I feel so sad at times like that. Our sales staff are professionals who have flown many carp streamers. How do you want to fly your carp streamer? What size carp streamers can be fried? Simple measurements or traditional display methods may not match the image.
(The pictures posted in 2. "Guidelines for determining the size of carp streamers" are only a simple guideline.) Our staff has a lot of experience, and we have learned how to fly carp streamers that match your image and make your garden look great. It will give you an idea of ​​the size.

Why were you not satisfied?

failure story

2nd place equipment doesn't fit



・My parents bought it online and gave it to me as a gift, but when they opened it, they couldn't fry it because the equipment didn't fit. Or repurchased.

・I purchased a popular set on the Internet, but the equipment did not fit.


We often receive inquiries from people who were unable to decorate because the equipment did not match. Equipment sets that are popular on the Internet are often inexpensive, and there are cases where people buy them because of the low price or because they are ranked high. However, there is a reason for the low price, so please be careful.
A common reason for cheap prices is that the appliances were suitable for homes from a decade ago (Showa and early Heisei era). In particular, the design of balconies changes depending on the times and housing manufacturers, and each house is different, so you need to be careful with the fixtures.

In recent years, overseas-made carp streamers and carp streamer equipment have also been sold.

Some people buy cheap equipment made overseas with the idea that they only need to fry carp streamers once a year, but one mistake with outdoor carp streamers can lead to a serious accident.
Carp streamers swimming in the wind. The large wind pressure exerted on each carp streamer causes it to swim majestically through the sky. We recommend purchasing highly safe poles and equipment to support it.

The types of equipment are difficult! I don't know which one to choose!

In such cases, please contact your retailer. We will recommend equipment that is suitable for your home.


1st place: Choose a smaller size


・I chose ``small'' because I thought ``if it was too big,'' but it turned out to be too small.

This answer is the most common failure story.

If the dimensions are correct, I often end up purchasing a small carp streamer.
Due to location conditions, the wind only blows from one side, or the garden is vertically long, and
in residential areas, the wind often flows in a fixed direction, so it may be better to have a professional choose the size for you. .

・It looked big when I saw it inside the store, but it was actually small when I displayed it outside.

・The carp streamer is too small for the garden and does not look good in photos. There is no glamor.


If you want to display carp streamers in your garden/you can only choose a small size, but you want a gorgeous impression or the location makes it difficult for the wind to blow, we may recommend a product called ``Niwa Deco''.

Niwa deco set



Seven years of praying for the growth of children and flying carp streamers.

We hope that time will be enjoyable and enriching for you and your family, and that it will remain in your children's memories as wonderful memories forever.

For those who can cherish the memories and time spent being loved by their families.



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