vol.2 お庭に飾る鯉のぼり-種類編-

vol.2 Carp streamers to decorate your garden -Types-

1.What types are there?

Which carp streamer is closer to the carp streamer you imagined in the previous article [vol.1: Where to display carp streamers]?

A Large set I want to make a big carp streamer swim in the sky!


I imagined a carp streamer higher than the roof.
Your carp streamers are A. A large set .

The way they swim majestically in the wind is so graceful that it cannot be compared to anything else.

Children are sure to love it too! Carp streamers are flown from the first festival to children 7 years old.
When the child is a baby, when the child is old enough, when the child runs around naughtily.
The way you enjoy it changes depending on your child's age, and as your child grows, you will be able to make various memories every year.

On holidays when the weather is nice, it's also good to have a BBQ in the garden!
There are endless ways to enjoy it♪



I want to display a large carp streamer, but I want to display it in various places, such as when I plan to change the design of my garden.
Your carp streamer is B. Garden stand set .


This carp streamer set includes tools necessary for assembly, such as a screwdriver, so you can easily display a large, authentic carp streamer. Easy to move♪

This set is recommended for the entrance of a house!

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