1.Puca Styleで彩るお食い初め

1. Start your meal with Puca Style


HARE ERI on a special day <first meal>

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<What is ``Ome-matsume''? >

It is a ritual in which the baby imitates eating and prays for healthy growth, with the hope that the child will never have to worry about eating for the rest of his life, and that he will grow up healthy without getting sick.

Special tableware to start your meal with.
The costumes are changed to cute hakama and dresses rather than the traditional kosode.
Even on special occasions, it's better to have something that's easy to wash and easy to use.
Rather than being the same as everyone else, I want to decorate my child with items that are a little more personal. PucaStyle's HARE series is perfect for such moms.

Take lots of photos of your child that you can only see now.

Spend precious time making memories with your family.

Whether it's a day of celebration or everyday life, a child's growth becomes a HARE day.

I hope you continue to grow up healthy and smiling♪

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