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<Looking at the seasons>

We mainly introduce seasonal culture and customs, focusing on the 24 solar terms and the 72 seasons, which are milestones in seasons and life.
Living next to the seasons. Listen to the whispers of nature. Learn about the culture that people have created.
I hope you can live a slightly special everyday life.
The changing seasons and calendar

New articles

24 solar terms No. 2 Rainwater (light water) ...
  Enjoying the seasons means enriching your li...

around the seasonsLearn about the 24 solar terms

No. 1 [First Spring] Early Spring

No. 2 [Rainwater] Early spring

No. 3 [Keikai] - Nakaharu -


No.5 [Qingming]-Late Spring-

No. 6 [Kokuu] -Late Spring-

No. 7 [Ripsummer] - Early summer -

No. 8 [Koman] - Early summer -

No. 9 [Awn seeds] - Chuka -

No. 10 [Summer Solstice] - Midsummer

No. 11 [Slight heat]-Late summer-

No. 12 [Great Heat]-Late Summer-

No. 13 [First Autumn]-Early Autumn-

No. 14 [Hokkaido]-Early Autumn-

No. 15 [White dew] - Nakaaki -

No. 16 [Autumn Equinox] - Mid-autumn -

No. 17 [Cold Dew] -Late Autumn-

No. 18 [Marble] - Late autumn -

No. 19 [First Winter] - Early Winter -

No. 20 [Small snow] - Early winter -

No. 21 [Heavy Snow] Midwinter

No. 22 [Winter Solstice] Midwinter

No. 23 [Small cold] -Late winter-

No. 24 [Great Cold] -Late Winter-

seasonal customs

[From New Year's preparations to closing] ...
What is [Higan]? [Equinox] refers to the ...
The arrival of spring. Risshun is the begin...
February 3rd [Setsubun] [Setsubun], as...

seasonal handiworkLive next to the seasons.

  Enjoying the seasons means enriching your li...

Exploring the seasons of Yuko Tokunaga

March 3rd is Kamishi no Sekku (Peach Festiva...
Japanese parsley, shepherd's purse, gogyo, chi...