4.Puca Styleで彩る一升餅のお祝い

4.Isshomochi celebration decorated with Puca Style

Japanese celebration <Isshomochi>

The Isshomochi celebration is a traditional event held together with the celebration of a child's first birthday to pray for their healthy growth in the future.
One sho of glutinous rice (approximately 1.8 kg) is made into a mochi, which weighs approximately 2 kg. You put the rice cake on your baby's back, but sometimes it's so heavy that the baby cries or is unable to carry it. Children around the age of 1 vary in their growth, so they may not be able to carry the bag on their back or stand up. Including these things, holding the Isshomochi event itself is a joyous celebration.

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On a special day <Isshomochi celebration>


Rather than looking like everyone else, I want to dress up with items that are a little more unique to me.
PucaStyle's HARE series is perfect for such moms.

Let's spend precious time creating family memories by taking lots of pictures of our children that we only have now.

Whether it's a day of celebration or everyday life, a child's growth becomes a HARE day.

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