6.Puca Styleで彩るお正月

6. New Year’s Day with Puca Style

Japanese celebration <New Year>

New Year's is said to be the oldest event in Japan.

From the beginning of the New Year, I spent half a month cleaning and tidying up my wife's home, preparing decorations, a place for the Toshigami, and offerings.
Since ancient times, there have been many events to exorcise evil spirits and ward off misfortune at the change of season during the year-end and New Year holidays, because demons (evil spirits) come out from the "Kimon" and cause evil at this time, which is why people are prevented from getting sick. This is because it was thought that it would cause trouble or disaster.
Therefore, in order to help children get through that period safely, battledore and hamayumi were given as ``talismans'' on the first New Year's Day.

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HARE ERI celebrates <New Year>

Year-end and New Year holidays until the New Year. Let's have fun wearing matching outfits♪
A plus one for special days and everyday life. PucaStyle is a big hit.


Whether it's a special day or everyday life, a child's growth is a family's HARE day.
Capturing your family in a photo that only exists now
Let's spend some precious time together.

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