[Brand] Puca

A brand of seasonal and celebratory products that is designed to be displayed, touched, and played with.
We create children's celebratory items such as dolls and carp streamers with natural thinking, and propose them as items that will support the growth and life of children and their families for a long time.

[ Festival decorations that children can enjoy together ]

"Don't touch it!" There is no need for such words in Puca's festival.
The gentle touch and sound of wood. I hope you will come into contact with it a lot. Puca is a festival item made so that children can enjoy the festival together. Please feel the free gaze of children when celebrating and wishing for their growth.
Puca is a festival decoration that allows children to grow up as they are without dressing up.

We've packed some fun ideas to help your child celebrate for as long as possible.

② [Puca to decorate as your child grows]

Your family will decorate it for the first festival. Next year I'll be with my mom. I hope I can decorate it myself someday.
We would like you to feel your child's growth through Puca during the annual festival.
Can we decorate together this year? How can I decorate it?
Puca's festival decorations will make you look forward to your child's growth next year and the year after.

③ [Designer's particular silhouette and details]

Gentle curves and carefully chosen angles. The simple shape of Puca is created with careful planning and design. Its sophisticated silhouette brings out the dignified smartness of the cute Puca.

④Tickle your sense of fun! Compact festival decoration

As your family increases and your children grow up, the things in your home will increase.

You may even change your place of residence. Puca has a compact design that fits any lifestyle, allowing you to enjoy a variety of ways to decorate it even if your family's lifestyle changes. ``Can you decorate it like this?'' Children and adults alike will be pleasantly surprised and excited about the playful side of stylish decorations.

⑥Celebratory decorations to enjoy daily growth

The simple shape and pop coloring are one of Puca's characteristics.
Celebration decorations must be gorgeous. That's what a celebration looks like. At the same time, Puca is made to suit modern lifestyles, and is not only suitable for celebrations, but also fits into your room from the day you decorate it, allowing you to spend a special month as a seasonal color.

Inspection/quality control

Puca meets Japanese quality standards and conducts our own unique inspection items and inspection process to ensure safety and peace of mind for our customers. (Due to the manufacturing process, some wooden products are produced in collaboration with overseas contract factories, and under thorough management, we also conduct inspections in Japan (our company).)

 Good material and quality

Throughout the Puca wood products series, we use beech wood (beech), which is often used in Scandinavian furniture. Each part is hand-made to fit easily in the hands of small children. You can feel the quality of the product, and the quality of the material allows you to enjoy it over time, making you love the years you spend with your child even more. 


Beautiful and durable sewing

Authentic sewing techniques from Tokunaga Koinobori Co., Ltd., a long-established carp streamer company. The gentle and beautiful sewing stitches beautifully and evenly from small to large items.

Please choose Puca for your precious gift.

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