【NEW】プーカのひなにんぎょう BASIC

[NEW] Pooka's Hina Ningyo BASIC

Warm wooden dolls that you can enjoy decorating with your children

Puka's Hina Ningyo -BASIC- is a hina doll that feels like building blocks and can be enjoyed by displaying it, as well as being fun to touch and display with your child.
The ways to enjoy it will increase as your child grows, so you can continue to have fun decorating it not only for the first festival, but even as your child grows older. Decorating and playing together with your child will help you feel the joy of growing up during the Peach Festival, which only happens once a year.

How should we decorate it?
Educational hina dolls that you can decorate while thinking about them with your parents

A magnet is embedded in the body of the wooden doll, so it sticks together magnetically and can be enjoyed as a decoration with your child, just like building blocks.

The doll can be changed from sitting to standing. You can mix and match as you please, so have fun trying out different ways to decorate.

The colorful folding screens are made using Saori Ori, and each one is handmade.

You can enjoy various ways of decorating depending on the place you want to display it.

You can flexibly change the display stand to suit the place you want to display it, so you can enjoy a variety of ways to decorate it according to the place and interior. We thought of ways to change the depth so that it would be easier to display on narrow display shelves or cabinets.
In addition, the design has soft wood grain and pastel colors, so it will blend in with any room, Japanese or Western.

A new hina doll that children can not only display and look at, but also touch and display together.
Please enjoy the Peach Festival with your children at ``Puka's Hina Ningyo''.

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