2.Puca Styleで彩る桃の節句

2. Peach Festival colored with Puca Style

<What is Peach Festival? >

``Peach Festival'' is a day of celebration especially for girls.
Families with girls display hina dolls to pray for their healthy growth and happiness.

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HAREGI for the special day <Peach Festival>


Enjoy Puca's world view for girls' celebrations ♥

Rather than looking like everyone else, I want to dress up with items that are a little more unique to me.
PucaStyle's HARE series is perfect for such moms.

Take lots of photos of your child that you can only see now.

Spend precious time making memories with your family.

Whether it's a day of celebration or everyday life, a child's growth becomes a HARE day.

I hope you continue to grow up healthy and smiling♪

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