【NEW】プーカのひなにんぎょう 花箱 ‐HANAHAKO‐

[NEW] Pooka baby flower box -HANAHAKO-

You can enjoy decorating it every year.

Hina dolls filled with playfulness and cuteness

A colorful and fun doll [-HANA HAKO-Flower Box] based on the Puka doll [BASIC].

This luxurious set not only includes more tools than the popular [BASIC], but also includes a storage box, folding screen, and colorful parts.
We would like to introduce you to the Tamatebako <Puka's Hina Ningyo Flower Box> which is full of the charms of Puka.

▲Pooka's Hina Ningyo-BASIC-

▲Pooka baby flower box

◆Hina dolls that children can enjoy together◆

<Puca> From the day you start decorating, a slightly special daily life begins.

Puka's Hina Ningyo dolls are not only cute, but also ``Hina Dolls that can be enjoyed with all five senses'', with the hope that children will become attached to the celebrations and seasons.


◆“Touch, play, and decorate” Puca◆

Puca wants you to celebrate your child for as long as possible.

As your child grows, you can touch, play with, and decorate the dolls.In addition to decorating the dolls, you can enjoy them in a variety of ways.

The coloring is easy to understand even for babies with poor eyesight, so while they are young, you can stack the cute parts, learn the motifs, and play with them as much as possible.

Popular inset package that allows you to enjoy cleaning up

◆Hina dolls that blend in with your room◆

Just as furniture is made to fit into your room, it is designed to be compact and just the right size to fit your lifestyle.

We tried to choose a color that even stylish moms can enjoy together with the interior.

The flower box , which is compact yet voluminous and gorgeous, will decorate your room with cute motifs.



◆The quality of the wood becomes richer as it grows◆

Throughout the Puca series, we use beech wood (beech), which is often used in Scandinavian furniture. The characteristics of the wood become more appealing as the years pass, allowing you to display it with even more love. Enjoy the years as your child grows.


Colognes, cute dolls, and stylish motifs that take advantage of the quality of wood.
The gentle touch and sound of wood. I hope you will touch it a lot. (Please be aware that some parts may be small if your child is young.)


Someday with mom. So that you can decorate it yourself someday.
We want you to feel your child's growth through Puca during the annual Peach Festival.

◆Welcoming the Peach Festival with Puka dolls◆

I love Hina dolls so I want to cherish them so I can look forward to this season every year.

One month from the day the dolls were decorated until the day of celebration. We will deliver a special festival that will nurture your five senses.

▲Pooka's Hina Ningyo-BASIC-
▲Pooka baby flower box
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