A cute May doll packed with lots of ideas by the Puca series designer. We value the concept of Puca and there are many ways to decorate it!
Even small children can touch, play with, and decorate with easy-to-hold parts♪

Decorate with tiered decorations or play by stacking them. The gentle touch and sound of wood. I hope you will come into contact with it a lot.

“Tantango” is a Boy’s Festival that you can enjoy with all five senses♪


Puka's Tantango


Puca that you can touch, play with, and decorate ♪

May decorations are generally displayed from around the vernal equinox in late March until the Boy's Festival on May 5th. Many people think that glittering and luxurious festival decorations are not suitable for everyday life.

Also, if it's a gorgeous decoration, you'll be asked, "Don't touch it!" or "Don't approach it!"

I think there are some moms out there who feel conflicted about having to say so when it comes to decorations for their children.

(Even adults need to be very careful when handling glittery and delicate decorations. They must wear gloves, there are places they should not be held, and they can be sensitive to small scratches and storage methods. Small children I've heard stories of children thinking it's safe to keep them out of reach of their children, and their children rarely see them, and by the time they turn three years old, they've given up on festival decorations altogether. You may.)


[Puca] is based on the theme of ``Festivals that are fun for children'' throughout the series, and has been packed with many ideas so that you can celebrate them as your child grows.

Of course for children celebrating their first festival! For families who are considering purchasing a new one amid changes in the environment, enjoy growth and celebration with the ``Puka, which can be enjoyed with all five senses'' and makes the festival more enjoyable every year!

Unique and cute wooden parts

With the premise that children will be able to touch it, we applied the colors by hand and paid close attention to the texture and shape. The secret to its popularity is that each part is unique and very easy to handle.

The parts are larger than other Puca products, so it is safe for small children. Tigers, horses, and child generals with unique personalities. We paid particular attention to the textures so that people could touch them, such as the spinning cornflower and the carp streamers made of cloth. The parts that tell a story are the charm of Tantango.

Wood quality that enhances the taste

Throughout the Puca series, we use beech wood (beech), which is often used in Scandinavian furniture.
Like furniture, the texture becomes more and more popular over time, and you can feel the quality of the product. As the years go by, it will become a favorite item.
You can enjoy it over time like furniture that grows with you.

Enjoy the sound unique to wood♪


Every time you stack them, you will hear the pleasant sound of wood. The ``imaginative richness'' of [Tantango] is expressed in this sound. It is finished to fully convey the pop cuteness typical of the Puca series.

Enjoy as your child grows



Puka is packed with ideas so that you can enjoy the festival for as long as possible.

The family decorates the first annual festival.

When your child turns 1 year old, let's play with the parts.
Then decorate it with mom.
So that you can decorate it yourself someday.

The season of festivals that comes once a year. We want you to feel the growth through Puca. The child's fingertips gradually become more dexterous, and the profile of the child's concentration.
Once again, it's a turning point in the season where we get a glimpse of our child's growth.
That is the festival.

In what order should I stack them? Can everything be inserted into the shaft?
How can I decorate it?

You can enjoy various developments by combining parts.
Make a fun festival with a pooka that you can decorate however you like.

Enjoy various ways of decorating

Puka's manufacturing

Puka performs thorough quality control so that children can touch and play with our products.

Puca meets Japanese quality standards and conducts our own unique inspection items and inspection process to ensure safety and peace of mind for our customers. (Due to the manufacturing process, some wooden products are produced in collaboration with overseas contract factories.) Under thorough management, we also conduct inspections in Japan (our company).

Please enjoy the wonderful festival with Puca.

Puka's Tantango

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