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[toumei] Foil chopstick rest, wooden box, 5 pieces, Masuki resin

[toumei] Foil chopstick rest, wooden box, 5 pieces, Masuki resin

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Just add (change) chopstick rests to brighten up your dining table.

Cutlery doesn't have a clear lifespan (unless you break it), it doesn't change its appearance (unless you're in a restaurant), and it tends to always look the same, and one day you'll suddenly get tired of it. A familiar mat on a regular plate, a routine menu.

I just added a new chopstick rest there. With this small change, your usual dining table will suddenly look fresh. The hands that hold the chopsticks become more elegant, and the focus is on serving and eating beautifully. We can feel freshness and enjoy ourselves by making very small changes.

This time, Toumei will release cutlery made of clear material with gold leaf that will add a touch of glamor to your dining table. Its name is ``hashioki''.

Since chopstick rests are a part of Japanese culture, we designed them while taking advantage of the texture of acrylic while paying close attention to Japanese elements. The matte surface reflects the gold leaf on the back as elegantly as frosted glass, and the clear parts on the sides create depth with their high transparency.

The chopstick rest is small and cute. (Is there anyone who doesn't like small and cute things?) And it's convenient. Even though it's a purchase of only a few hundred yen, I'm excited. The dinner menu also has a lot of spirit. It's a nice change of pace. I think it's much more economical than buying clothes and shoes to change your mood...

Chopsticks were originally used as sacred treasures in Japan, dating back to the time of Prince Shotoku. Chopstick rests were made to prevent the chopsticks used by the gods from touching the table, and I think this detailed way of thinking is very Japanese. Furthermore, among the countries with a chopstick culture, Japan is the only one that has used chopstick rests since ancient times, so I'm a little proud from the perspective of consideration and cleanliness.

Considering this kind of history and the consideration given to Japanese people since ancient times, I think it would be much cooler to use chopstick rests. And if you're going to use one anyway, choose something with a Japanese feel that sets it apart from cutlery rests in Western countries. If you want something that goes well with both Japanese and Western tableware.

Isn't ``hashioki'' a perfect design? A beautiful and easy to use chopstick rest.

“Haku Hashioki” has a total of 20 types of patterns, each of which is stamped with foil. Each type was named after a Japanese natural motif. I think it would be interesting to compare the names and patterns of each. Even if you use the same pattern, you can also combine different patterns. Of course even just one customer.

Toumei resin

<Japanese products with a modern feel. >Toumei is based on the resin processing professional group "Masuki Resin Co., Ltd." and is constantly creating Japanese products with a new feel using the skills of young designers and craftsmen. Based on acrylic resin, we bring out the potential of the material by combining it with different materials such as wood and foil stamping, and by creating original graphics. We reconsider the beauty of Japanese products from a unique perspective and propose enriching lives with resin products for the next generation and overseas.

商品サイズ Body size: w46 x d15 x h8mm
箱サイズ Package size: w92 x d67 x h25mm
総重量 Body weight: 7g
Package weight: 60g
素材 Material: Acrylic resin, foil
Heat resistance: 80℃
About handling

When washing, please wash gently with a soft sponge. Please note that you cannot use the dishwasher. ■About the pattern This product is hand-pressed with foil, so the appearance of each piece will vary slightly. *Product images have been processed to be as close to the actual color as possible, but the color may differ from the actual product depending on your monitor settings, room lighting, etc. *Highly concentrated alcohol may cause cracks and discoloration of the foil, so we recommend cleaning and disinfecting with a diluted neutral detergent or diluted hypochlorous acid water. *Please do not rub the foil stamped surface too hard as it may peel off. *Do not place near fire. *Please keep out of reach of infants and children.

About Noshi and gift wrapping

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・It will be delivered wrapped in original wrapping paper from Sunny Living or Puca original wrapping paper.

*This product will be delivered by "post mail" (free of charge).

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