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[Nishikawa Teizaburo Shoten] Chopstick rest set Setsugekka

[Nishikawa Teizaburo Shoten] Chopstick rest set Setsugekka

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A symbol of Japan's natural beauty

A chopstick rest with a motif of "Setsugekka" which symbolizes the natural beauty of Japan.

Each piece has a three-dimensional and cute shape, and is decorated with a transparent crystal-colored glaze and gorgeous gold and silver colors.
It can also be used as a spoon rest or knife/fork rest, making it a great addition to your hospitality.

Brand: Nishikawa Teizaburo Shoten

Gojozaka is the ancient capital of Kyoto. Teizaburo Nishikawa Shoten is located in an area lined with pottery kilns and pottery studios. Since our establishment in 1917, we have been selling ceramics and porcelain, mainly Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki, both domestically and internationally. The first owner, Teizaburo Nishikawa, exhibited at the 1958 Belgian World's Fair and introduced Shimizu ware, and the second generation, Keitaro, also began handling Japan's excellent traditional crafts and miscellaneous goods.
The current president has taken over from his predecessor and is working hard to promote sales of Kiyomizu ware and traditional Japanese crafts, as well as introducing the outstanding traditional Japanese culture to the world.

商品サイズ Size / Ø50 H14 Ø47 H17 Ø48 H14
総重量 Weight / 60g
素材 pottery

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