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Gold-colored Stringed Moon Carp [Australia] 6-piece large set (arrow, rope) + pole Tokunaga Koinobori

Gold-colored Stringed Moon Carp [Australia] 6-piece large set (arrow, rope) + pole Tokunaga Koinobori

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ポスト投函便対応商品 送料無料




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  • 商品説明
  • サイズ・素材
  • 熨斗・ギフトラッピング
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Very popular carp streamer Kinsai stringed moon carp [Autumn]

The fabric is dyed using traditional textile printing techniques to give it a vibrant color. The carp streamers are made of gorgeous aluminum gold leaf, and a shining string moon is drawn between the clouds to express their strength and scale. The streamers are based on a deep green color and are studded with ``shobumaru'' patterns, which are closely related to the Boy's Festival, to symbolize a birthday celebration for your child and a wish for their healthy growth.


chic and cool
Gold leaf moon ring


Countless clouds floating in the sky are created using aluminum gold leaf.
By depicting a string moon shining dazzlingly in the gaps between the clouds, the carp streamer expresses its strength and scale.

Water repellent finish

The fabric is made of lightweight and durable polyester silky bright fabric. In addition, both the carp streamers and streamers are luxuriously treated with a water-repellent finish that is resistant to rainwater.

Shobunomaru windsock

The iris pattern is a combination of the word ``shobu'', which means ``iris'', and has the meaning of celebrating the birth and growth of a brave boy.

Gou, a carp streamer that often swims

The very popular ``Go'' has a uniquely cool design and a dynamic and powerful swim. While the elegance of the design is typical of Tokunaga, the gold-leafed ``string moon'' is reminiscent of the famous general Date Masamune, and the rich gradation of the hand-printed printing, along with the gold leaf on the clouds, adds depth.
Shiny Silky Bright's lightness allows it to easily ride in the wind and swim well. Also, since it is not a jacquard weave, the price is low.
The green streamer of the ``Shobunomaru streamer'' creates a simple Japanese atmosphere and stands out in balance with the carp.


A big carp streamer
Let's swim to the sky

The sight of them swimming majestically in the wind is so graceful and magnificent that it cannot be compared to anything else.

Children are sure to love it!
Carp streamers are flown from the first seasonal festival until the age of seven, when the child is a baby, when he or she is old enough to remember things, and when the child is running around naughtily. The way you enjoy it changes depending on your child's age, and as your child grows, you will be able to make various memories every year.
Many people find it difficult to raise and lower large carp streamers, but such work can be a fun event as your child grows. On holidays when the weather is nice, it's also good to have a BBQ in the garden!

Unique to large carp streamers! There are infinite ways to enjoy it♪

Let's enjoy carp streamers more♪
Comes with “Carp streamer BOOK”

Families who have purchased large carp streamers will be able to leave memories with tips on how to enjoy Carp Streamer Day and an original photo book that lets them look back on their growth during Children's Day!


Comes with a large pole to match the size

These poles are usually sold separately, but there are so many of the same type of pole that it can be confusing and difficult to understand! In response to this request, we are selling appropriate poles as a set.
Delivered directly from a reliable carp streamer brand.


◆<For 5m/6m> Super DX pole

Standard pole with simple design Easy to set up and super strong

◆Steppipe method◆
Step pipes buried in the ground can be used as flat ground, and are convenient when reusing them.

◆No need for auxiliary rope◆
The pole is designed to be safe even without an auxiliary rope to prevent it from tipping over. This solved the problem of carp streamers easily getting tangled in the auxiliary rope.

one in the world
Original just for kids

Add a memorable name.
House symbol family crest, birthday symbol flower crest.
Tokunaga Koinobori supports all of these.

*Separate fee is required.
Family crests, flower crests, and name engravings are not included in the set. If you would like to have your name engraved, please purchase the optional name engraved item along with the carp streamer set.

Traditional hand printing technique


Skills of skilled craftsmen

When printing by hand, the color of the finished product is greatly affected by daily changes in temperature and humidity.
Using the sense we have cultivated over many years, we carefully consider the daily changes in temperature and humidity and adjust the dye mixture. It will dye evenly.



Soyokaza Line

Carefree and radiant Soyokaze Line

I want you to swim beautifully while riding the refreshing breeze under the beautifully dyed carp streamers.

With this wish in mind, the pieces are cut by skilled craftsmen.

reliable sewing technique

The final process of making a carp streamer, ``sewing'', uses three types of sewing machines to create a beautiful line with each stitch using delicate techniques.
The careful workmanship is so well-regarded that it can be described as true craftsmanship.

hand to hand,
The thoughts of craftsmen are connected
Highest grade carp streamer

Enjoying growth on May 5th

Around the time of Satsuki, enjoying the pleasant light and gentle breeze of early summer.

Koinobori is a timeless, high-quality item that is chosen from an adult's perspective, allowing children to enjoy their time growing up in a healthy manner.

While praying for healthy growth, the whole family will be able to smile for a long time to come.
I hope you have a wonderful May 5th.

商品サイズ ◆Carp streamer size◆
[6m set]
Windsock: 6m
Black carp: 6m
Red carp: 5m
Blue carp: 4m

[5m set]
Windsock: 5m
Black carp: 5m
Red carp: 4m
Blue carp: 3m

◆Pole height◆
<For 6m carp> 11.8m, 7 pieces
<For 5m carp> 10m, 6 pieces
箱サイズ ◆Super DX pole [6m pole]
(width x length x height)
Base: 38cm x 1650cm x 13cm
Pole: 16cm x 2275cm x 12cm

◆Super DX pole [5m pole]
(width x length x height)
Base: 37cm x 1650cm x 13cm
Pole: 16cm x 2275cm x 11cm

*There will be a total of 3 boxes, 2 pole sets and 1 carp streamer arrow set.
総重量 <For 5m carp> 30.5kg
<For 6m carp> 35kg
素材 <Carp streamer>
polyester silky bright fabric





・ご希望の方は【ギフト・ラッピング】より、「熨斗 花結び」をカートに追加してください。