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Present hand-dyed Yuzen carp [Kyo Nishiki] 6-piece garden set (arrow, rope + pole) in gift box Tokunaga carp streamer garden set

Present hand-dyed Yuzen carp [Kyo Nishiki] 6-piece garden set (arrow, rope + pole) in gift box Tokunaga carp streamer garden set

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ポスト投函便対応商品 送料無料




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  • 商品説明
  • サイズ・素材
  • 熨斗・ギフトラッピング

A highly artistic Nishikigoi painted by Japanese painter Haruho Tokunaga.

“Kyo Nishiki, Yuzen Carp” is a realistic representation of the graceful appearance of Nishikigoi, created by Japanese painter Haruho Tokunaga. In addition to dyeing Nishikigoi's unique colors using a seven-color blur, the entire scales are decorated with fan-shaped gold, and in order to approximate the appearance of an actual Nishikigoi, each carp (black, red, and blue) is dyed with a different pattern. The streamers are themed around water and the sky, and are decorated with a traditional Japanese indigo blue color and studded with 1,000 auspicious paper cranes. The material is a special three-dimensional interwoven fabric. The new material shines silver when exposed to sunlight.



Haruho Tokunaga, the founder of Tokunaga Koinobori, is a Japanese painter representing Okayama.


With Ito Shinsui, famous for his paintings of beautiful women, as his teacher, Haruho shocked the industry by painting carp streamers that were unprecedented in elegance and elegance, using delicate brushstrokes unique to Japanese paintings and an unparalleled worldview.

His representative works of carp streamers include ``Celebration Carp Kitcho'' and ``Kyoten Yuzen Carp Kyo Nishiki.''
A very popular work that continues to be a long-selling product that transcends the times.


Many people think of ``Tokunaga Koinobori'' as ``Kyo Nishiki,'' and the carp streamer continues to be a long-selling carp streamer with a design that has remained unchanged since its release.
The polyester jacquard fabric is light and lively. It is powerful and swims well. Since the gold leaf is placed along the scales, it combines with the luster and color of the fabric to give it a more three-dimensional and powerful feel. As the name ``Yuzen'' suggests, the hand-printed dyeing by craftsmen that reproduces the classical masks and ``Nishikigoi'' drawn by Japanese painters stands out beautifully and carries tradition. Its presence and elegance are said to be the universal symbol of carp streamers.

The streamer ``Kyotsuru Streamer'' is simple, with 1,000 cranes drawn in shades of blue, but it has a perfect balance with the rich colors of Kyo Nishiki. Since it is double-blue, you can basically include the family crest and name in blue, and the blue gradation that looks like the sky is floating above the impressive carp streamer. The color of the white area shines with silver depending on the fabric, and it looks like the family crest stands out.

Kyo Nishiki swims around the world


Kyoto Tsuru streamers and Kyoto Nishiki carp streamers are handwritten with messages representing the dreams of the people of Kohitsujien in Maizuru City. Thanks to the cooperation of the 32nd Antarctic Expedition, the children's dream came true and carp were introduced to Antarctica. A Belgian team member heard that ``carp swim in the sky'' and came to watch, and for the first time, carp streamers swam in Antarctica.


"Tokunaga Koi Swims in Paris" Exhibited at the '96 Paris Collection by Shinichiro Arakawa, a Japanese designer living in Paris. Koinobori, a traditional Japanese culture, was vividly promoted through the global fashion show, and Tokunaga Koi, worn by models, gracefully danced on stage, captivating the audience.

In May 2003, the ``Japan-French Cultural Center'' in Paris, France, which introduces Japanese culture, held ``Koinobori 2003'' to convey wishes for peace. For about a month, 1,000 carp streamers were flown in various locations around Paris, conveying Japan's traditional culture and wishes for peace to the people of France.


A set that comes with a pole that matches the size of the carp streamer.


Also suitable for small spaces. A garden set with a light aluminum pole that is lightweight and easy to assemble. Of course, it is an authentic model with all the parts of a large set, such as arrow wheels, ropes, poles, stakes, etc. All you need is a hammer to drive the stakes!

◆Each size set contents and size◆

For carp streamers over 3m

Let's enjoy carp streamers more♪
Comes with “Carp streamer BOOK”

Families who have purchased large carp streamers can leave memories with tips on how to enjoy Koinobori Day and an original photo book that lets them look back on their growth during Children's Day!


one in the world
Original just for kids

Add a memorable name.
House symbol family crest, birthday symbol flower crest.
Tokunaga Koinobori supports all of these.

*Separate fee is required.
Family crests, flower crests, and name engravings are not included in the set. If you would like to have your name engraved, please purchase the optional name engraved item along with the carp streamer set.

Traditional hand printing technique


Skills of skilled craftsmen

When printing by hand, the color of the finished product is greatly affected by daily changes in temperature and humidity.
Using the sense we have cultivated over many years, we carefully consider the daily changes in temperature and humidity and adjust the dye mixture. It will dye evenly.


Fabric that swims lightly and beautifully

Made of polyester fabric with a three-dimensional cross weave, it has been specially treated to shine like silver when exposed to sunlight. This beautiful fabric is decorated with fan-shaped gold and dyed in seven colors to create the unique colors of Nishikigoi.


Soyokaza Line

Carefree and radiant Soyokaze Line

I want you to swim beautifully while riding the refreshing breeze under the beautifully dyed carp streamers.
With this wish in mind, the pieces are cut by skilled craftsmen.

reliable sewing technique

The final process of making a carp streamer, ``sewing'', uses three types of sewing machines to create a beautiful line with each stitch using delicate techniques.
The careful workmanship is so well-regarded that it can be described as true craftsmanship.

hand to hand,
The thoughts of craftsmen are connected
Highest grade carp streamer



Enjoying growth on May 5th

Around the time of Satsuki, enjoying the pleasant light and gentle breeze of early summer.

Carp streamers are a timeless, high-quality item that adults can choose from, allowing children to enjoy their time growing up in a healthy manner.

While praying for healthy growth, the whole family will be able to smile for a long time to come.
I hope you have a wonderful May 5th.

商品サイズ [Pole height/size]
<4m set>
<3m set>
<2.5m set>
<2m/1.5m set>
箱サイズ [6-piece garden stand set]
<4m set>

<3m/2.5m set>

<2m/1.5m set>
総重量 [6-piece garden stand set]
<4m set>
Approximately 11kg (including carp streamer)

<3m/2.5m set>
Approximately 8.8kg (including carp streamer)

<2m/1.5m set>
Approximately 4.5kg (including carp streamer)
素材 <Carp streamer> Polyester three-dimensional interwoven fabric





・ご希望の方は【ギフト・ラッピング】より、「熨斗 花結び」をカートに追加してください。