vol.1 桃の節句(3)

vol.1 Peach Festival (3)

"A life of celebration"

Celebrating the seasons means reaffirming the joy of growing children and gratitude for living by ``arranging our lives, decorating with seasonal decorations, and eating celebratory foods.'' Through celebration, we can recycle our current environment and lifestyle.

Enjoy the richness of spending time with celebrations at one of the turning points of the changing seasons.

Celebrating Doll's Festival on March 3rd

The main part of any family celebration is mealtime.

Last year, I went to visit a shrine with my parents and had dinner at a restaurant.
That alone would have made it a special event, but this year, without praying, it was also a day to think about ``celebratory meals.''


1. celebratory table

My daughter is now able to eat a variety of foods.
I looked at various recipe sites, but I decided on the Doll's Festival recipe as a standard celebratory menu.

Celebration meals are easy to incorporate seasonal ingredients, are colorful, and best of all, are often bland, making them easy for children to eat.

A taste of home, a taste of the region, a taste of Nihon.

I hope you will enjoy the depth of Japanese celebratory cuisine for the rest of your life.

When I finished pouring the food into the bowl, I called out to my daughter, and she came rushing over to me.
My daughter's favorite thing these days is "Otetsudai" more than anything else.

I ask curiously as I set the food on the table.
"what is this?"

I'm glad that you are interested in food.
"What is this?" I asked again.


The ingredients of Japanese celebratory dishes have various hidden meanings, like bringing good fortune.



2. celebratory banquet

New Year, Setsubun, Spring, and Doll's Festival.
This year, we've already been celebrating the seasons every month, so my daughter is used to it.

I wonder if the more lively dining table than usual reflects the joy of the celebration and the thoughts of our parents.

March 3rd, my daughter's 3 year old Hinamatsuri.
My daughter can now wear festive clothes and display her hina dolls. Now we can sit around the table lively and eat without being picky. When my husband says this, my daughter smiles proudly.
Festivals are a time to face growth once again amidst the busyness of daily life.
This year, I have not only noticed my daughter growing up, but also the birth of my son and the changes in our family. I felt the same way about my family growing up.

Although there are still some cold days, Nakaharu is completely warm and cheerful during the day.

This year as well, I would like to make many memories while facing my daughter's growth.


“Living with celebrations vol.1 (Peach Festival edition)”

A one-of-a-kind photographer who captures the loveliness and atmosphere of “that moment” with the exquisite essence. The expressiveness and nostalgic nuances that feel strangely familiar are endlessly gentle and warm. Every time I look back at the photos, I come across photos that remind me how important "the present" and "the present moment" are, shine a spotlight on "in our lives," and gently teach us methods for welcoming daily life happily. Masu.




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