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We have prepared a balcony stand set that can be easily displayed on any balcony!

[Premium balcony stand set]

Even a small set is a veranda type that can be displayed in the same authentic way as a large set, such as arrow wheels, ropes, and poles.
All parts to assemble are provided.

This type supports the carp streamer with the weight of the water bag, so it does not need to be fixed in a fixed place like a mounting bracket and can be easily moved. Since the weight is water, it is convenient to put in and take out. (A water bag can withstand a certain amount of wind, but for safety reasons, it should be tied tightly to handrails, fences, etc. with rope, etc. to withstand strong winds.)

■ Set contents ■

Corner, rope set (mouth fitting, pulley), windsock, black carp, red carp, blue carp, pole stand set