Operating company: Tokunaga Koinobori Co., Ltd.

Message from the President

Our company was founded in 1945, when Japanese painter Haruho Tokunaga celebrated the birth of his first son by painting hand-painted carp streamers and celebrating with his family.

At the time of our founding, carp streamers were produced one by one with a brush on washi paper, glued and hand-stitched, but today, we use advanced dyeing techniques such as hand-dyed Yuzen printing, light and durable fabrics, We are constantly evolving our products, including highly functional installation equipment.

In terms of design, we use Japanese paintings that inherit the spirit of our founder, Haruho, and on the other hand, we use traditional classical patterns in modern patterns, expressing a new Japanese beauty within tradition.

Now, ``Koinobori'' is a Japanese festival culture in which carp streamers swim leisurely in the moonlit sky, creating love and bonds between families.
When the whole family looks up at it, it is a time filled with the joy of the birth of a child and wishes for happiness, creating irreplaceable memories.

The memories of that love will remain close to the hearts of the children who live in the future as a precious message.

We hope that everyone who decorates the carp streamers that we have made with all our heart will find much happiness.

While valuing the traditions and culture that we have inherited to this day, we would like to overwrite that culture with new creations, create new value, and provide new forms of happiness for the future. .

Thank you for your continued support.


Yuko Tokunaga

Company Name Tokunaga Koinobori Co., Ltd.
location 935-4 Fujino, Wake-cho, Wake-gun, Okayama 709-0412
Founding date December 9, 1974
representative Representative Director and President Yuko Tokunaga
capital 21 million yen
Business details Manufacture and sale of carp streamers and festival items
home page https://tokunagagoi.co.jp/