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Original gift wrapping

Original gift wrapping

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"Living with sunshine"

Original gift wrapping

・If you would like "original gift wrapping", please add the item to your cart .

・Normally , if you wish for "original wrapping", noshi wrapping is not possible. please note.

・The wrapping paper for Puca items will be "Puca original pattern wrapping paper".

Puca items can be used with both "Noshi" and "Puca original wrapping".

・Purchases for wrapping alone are not accepted.

・We handle items of various sizes. The impression may differ slightly depending on the size. Please leave it to us as we will package it with the best option.

・Some items cannot be attached to small items. Please see the details of each product.

-Color appearance may differ from the actual product depending on your monitor.


[Mizuhiki - Plum knot]


A heartfelt gift for your loved ones

Plums have long been considered auspicious in Japan, as is associated with the pine, bamboo, and plum trees. The shape of a plum has a ``tight knot that does not easily untie'', so it is used for various celebratory occasions, including engagements and gift bags. Plum blossoms are also said to be flowers that bloom through the harsh winters, and because of these various connections, they have three meanings: ``to bind tightly,'' ``to ward off evil,'' and ``to improve one's destiny.''




Tosa handmade crafts

[Tosa Washi]

The feelings of the craftsmen are conveyed through the touch of their fingers.
Warm washi paper created by people and nature is a part of our daily lives.

``Tosa Washi'' from Kochi Prefecture is called one of Japan's three major washi papers, along with ``Echizen Washi'' from Fukui Prefecture and ``Mino Washi'' from Gifu Prefecture.
Kozo and mitsumata grown in the mountains of Tosa are washed with water from Tosa's clear streams, such as the Niyodo River and Shimanto River.
The nature of Tosa is equally infused into both the rugged, wild-looking paper where you can see the raw materials and the thin paper like Tengucho paper.
In particular, Tosa kozo, which is grown in mountainous areas, has long fibers that tend to get tangled, so it is strong even though it is thin.

[Wrapping paper design]

For Puca items and seasonal decorations, you can order ``Original Gift Wrapping'' and ``Noshi'' together. For more information, please click on "Puca wrapping" above.


At the online shop “Hare to Living”

We put our heart and soul into each and every item.

It is wrapped in wrapping paper.