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Noshi flower knot (-bow knot)

Noshi flower knot (-bow knot)

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  • 商品説明

About [Noshi wrapping]

・If you would like "Noshi", please add it to your cart .

・If you would like "Noshi", "original wrapping" is not available. please note.

・Puca items can be used with both "Noshi" and "Original wrapping".

・Purchases for wrapping alone are not accepted.

-Color appearance may differ from the actual product depending on your monitor.

・We handle items of various sizes. Please leave the size of Noshi to our store.

・Some items cannot be attached to small items. Please see product details.

[Noshi flower knot (-bow knot)]

Because the knot is easy to untie and can be re-tied many times, it is used for general celebrations other than weddings, as well as gifts for thank yous, greetings, commemorative events, etc., with the wish to repeat it over and over again. .

[Inner Noshi/Outer Noshi]

・All items other than festival items will be handled by Soto Noshi .

- Festival items (Puca and Atelier items) will be available at Uchinoshi .

[Noshito Uchi of Puca]

[Gai Noshi from Living with Sunny Life]

The appearance of Noshi varies depending on the region, so please contact us if you have any questions or requests .

[Wrapping paper design]

[About the front page]

At the online shop “Hare to Living”

We put our heart and soul into each and every item.

It is wrapped in wrapping paper.