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別所 実正

Sanemasa Bessho | No. 6 Tachi Aoi maedate 22 rooms full star helmet flat decoration

Sanemasa Bessho | No. 6 Tachi Aoi maedate 22 rooms full star helmet flat decoration

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This is an impressive hoe-shaped helmet decoration with the motif of ``Aoi'', which is known as the Tokugawa family crest. The hollyhock is engraved on the front using skillful metal engraving on the kuwagata stand.

Unique helmet decoration made with Japan's highest technology
Master craftsman, Sanemasa Bessho

A one-of-a-kind product made with Japan's highest technology. Sanemasa Bessho is a lone armorer who stands out from the rest.
The technical strength woven through metal engraving and metal forging techniques produces exquisite pieces. Gorgeousness within strength. Solid like no other

It will be a piece of art that will stand the test of time and be beautifully displayed forever.

Japan's highest level of skillful and delicate metal engraving

The kuwagata stand, the round metal fittings for the flaps, and the hem metal fittings are all formed by drilling a 0.7mm hole in each location and then cutting and cutting the holes with a scroll saw.
Unlike drilling holes using a general etching process, it is thick, deep, and has high accuracy in detailed areas, resulting in decorative metal fittings that are finished with great attention to detail.

It is made using a metal hammering technique that involves repeatedly hammering out copper plates to create detailed leaf patterns and shapes. Because each piece can only be produced by hand, it is a work that reflects the artist's passion.

The delicacy, almost like an accessory, is a beauty that can only be expressed through authenticity.

Exquisite metal engraving done entirely by hand

For those purchasing May dolls

Complete 5-piece set present

・3-piece care set (feather duster, gloves, cloth)


・Photo frame (with “Happy Hinamatsuri” music box)

There are care sets that are often forgotten, but are useful to have, and clothing that looks gorgeous during celebrations. The photo frame that will remain as a memory even after the celebration is over comes with a music box featuring a carp streamer.

Sanemasa Bessho has the taste of art and crafts, which sets it apart from mass-produced products.

High-quality, timeless items that are selected from an adult's perspective are festival decorations that your child will want to display even after they grow up healthy and become adults.

Please enjoy this wonderful Boy's Festival that will bring smiles to your family for a long time to come.


Author profile

Armorer: Jisho Bessho


Born in Asakusa, Tokyo, engaged in armor production. He devotes himself to researching armor and swords from the Heian period to the end of the Edo period, and works on making armor using techniques such as engraving and metal forging. They produce high-quality helmets that are suitable for modern life while making use of traditional techniques, such as the compact Date Masamune helmet.

Born in Asakusa, Tokyo in 1954.
Engaged in armor production in 1971. His mentor is his second-generation biological father.
Became independent in 1981.
He succeeded to the name Sanemasa Bessho, the third generation.
1993 Repair of Nagamochi carved metal fittings owned by Kawagoe Kita-in Temple.
1999 Manufactured a domaru-style armored armor with a Sankuwa-gata maedate-no-kabuto (helmet) by Masanari Kusunoki.
2001 Tokugawa Ieyasu “Daikokudou Cloth Helmet”
Lord Toyotomi Hideyoshi "Black lacquer horse orchid helmet"
Production and announcement of Lord Kuroda Nagamasa's ``Black lacquered silver foil stamped helmet''.
In 2004, an original Maedate helmet was released.
In 2007, a compact type Date Masamune helmet was released.
2009 Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture Copy reproduction of ``Saito Sanemori's Helmet, Tada Shrine Treasure.''
2017: First solo exhibition at "Higashitama" in Saitama City.

商品サイズ 商品サイズ 間口300×奥行190×高さ295㎜
兜サイズ 6号 間口130×奥行120×高さ160㎜
台サイズ 間口300×奥行190×高さ295㎜
総重量 1.1㎏
素材 兜・飾り台・平台

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