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Made by Yuyama No. 7 Aoi GG-039

Made by Yuyama No. 7 Aoi GG-039

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  • Noshi/gift wrapping

Armorer 4th generation Yuzan

Helmet decoration No. 7 Aoi


A set of May dolls that give you the warmth of wood with impressive tassel cords dyed in the refreshing light green color of fresh greenery .

A helmet box (chest) and a bow and sword attached to the left and right sides. Furthermore, it is a luxurious and stylish May decoration made of plain wood, including the folding screen.
The included tag is an original design with the name "Yuyama" engraved on it.

Armorer 4th generation Yuzan

``Suzukoshi Yuzan'' is a prestigious armor workshop that has been in operation for four generations.
Received the Prime Minister's Special Award at the National New Festival Doll Contest.
Received the Youth Excellence Skills Award from the Governor of Tokyo.
The fourth generation ``Yuyama'' is known as ``Ichizo'' and is also known as a popular doll maker who creates the Wanpaku Taisho series.

Approximately 100 years ago, during the Meiji period, Kinehachi Suzuki, the first known ``Yuyama'', ran the Satsuki Doll Jingu. After that, Koshihachi began working on armor for May dolls, and began full-scale armor making. Koshihachi, who was a craftsman at heart, continued to study hard and created the foundation of today's ``Suzukine''.

Since then, the Taisho, Showa, and Heisei eras have passed, and the materials and techniques have improved to an extent that is incomparable to the Koshihachi era, but the spirit of Koshihachi craftsmanship has been passed down to the present day.
In the same way that parents' feelings for their children have remained the same both now and in the past, we follow the teachings of the first generation Suzukoshi and devote ourselves to making armor with reliable technique and passion.

For those purchasing May dolls

Complete 5-piece set present

・3-piece care set (feather duster, gloves, cloth)


・Photo frame (with “Happy Hinamatsuri” music box)

A handy ``care set'' that is surprisingly easy to forget, and ``coverings'' that add a touch of glamor to a celebration. The photo frame that will remain as a memory even after the celebration is over comes with a music box featuring a carp streamer.

Heian Takehisa helmets have the taste of art and crafts, which sets them apart from mass-produced items. Please enjoy this wonderful Boy's Festival that will bring smiles to your family's faces for years to come .

About Noshi and gift wrapping

・You can choose "Noshi" for this product.

・If you would like it, please add "Noshi Hanamusubi" to your cart from [Gift Wrapping].

・Noshi is available free of charge.


“Noshi Wrapping” item page

*This product is "Uchi Noshi".

*Please note that "original wrapping" is not available.

(The appearance of Noshi varies depending on the region, so please contact us if you have any questions or requests .)

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