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No. 10 Kotobuki no Mai, all cypress wood, battledore decoration, Heiando Suisaku

No. 10 Kotobuki no Mai, all cypress wood, battledore decoration, Heiando Suisaku

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  • Noshi/gift wrapping

Supervised by Dosui Heian, Hagoita decoration with gorgeous embroidery on pure silk pique-dyed fabric


All-Japanese cypress case with high-quality marquetry


Hakone Yosegi Zaiku is a technique that uses natural wood to create patterns by assembling different colored pieces of wood together.
It has the color and texture of untreated wood, and is characterized by beautiful patterns created by the skills of craftsmen. You can create more patterns by changing the color scheme and wood. The pattern changes greatly depending on the angle of carving, so you can see a variety of expressions.

A gorgeous kimono with pure silk pique squeeze and gorgeous embroidery.

Doll Workshop Heian Dosui Doll making of tradition and innovation spun by female craftsmen

``Heian Dosui'' is created by more than a dozen female craftsmen, including three generations of female traditional craftsmen, in Ningyocho, Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture, which has prospered as a town for dolls since the Edo period.From designing and sewing kimonos for hina dolls, This is a workshop where you can even make clothes.

While preserving tradition, we are constantly exploring new materials and colors to create designs that suit a variety of lifestyles.


Product contents

<About case decoration>
Beveled cut glass is used for the glass. Since it is stored in a glass case, it can be displayed and stored as is, keeping out dust and keeping it beautifully displayed for many years.

<About the material>
Cypress has an insect repellent effect, and it is believed that it will not attract bad insects and that it will ward off evil spirits.

商品サイズ <Size>
Width 26.5 x depth 19 x height 44cm
箱サイズ Width 28 x depth 23 x height 47cm
素材 <Specification details>
・Hagoita No. 10 genuine paulownia board Pure silk pique squeezed fabric
Embroidery gold processing luxury hair ornament

・Case Front door case made entirely of Japanese cypress and using high quality cut glass
Marquetry back panel luxury ball decoration

About Noshi and gift wrapping

・You can choose "Noshi" for this product.

・If you would like it, please add "Noshi Hanamusubi" to your cart from [Gift Wrapping].

・Noshi is available free of charge.


“Noshi Wrapping” item page

*This product is "Uchi Noshi".

*Please note that "original wrapping" is not available.

(The appearance of Noshi varies depending on the region, so please contact us if you have any questions or requests .)

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