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“New Tree of Light” Ai Haibara’s May Doll

“New Tree of Light” Ai Haibara’s May Doll

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Wooden May Doll “Shinju no Hikari”

To create the new Satsuki Doll, we asked Ai Haibara, a world-renowned sculptor, to create the prototype and design it. Mr. Haibara's works are characterized by warm and gentle expressions that take advantage of the charm of wood. By carving solid wood from scratch and painting each piece by hand, we have created a new May doll that can only be found here.

Material: Satsuki doll, pedestal: Hinoki wood Size: H235 x W193 x D195mm
Weight: 850g

A new form of May doll made from wood

Mr. Haibara's works are characterized by the texture of wood, gentle colors, and warm expressions. It has an elegant and Japanese feel and goes well with modern interiors. The wood used is cypress wood, which has a soft and beautiful grain. It envelops your space with the gentle atmosphere of natural wood.

The entire piece is colored by hand, layering the colors. Mr. Haibara's work is characterized by the gentle expression and warmth unique to wood, and the gentle coloring that creates a gentle atmosphere. Each piece is carefully finished by hand.

We expressed the three-dimensional pattern of the armor that can only be achieved by carving. The deep colors and warm atmosphere created by applying multiple layers of color are attractive.

Modern May dolls that match modern interiors

The May doll has a modern design with the warmth of wood, and goes well with modern interiors. The sophisticated appearance, which is not too flashy, blends in with any space, including Western and Japanese rooms. With the warmth of wood and a gentle expression, this May doll is a valuable item that you can watch over your child's growth, and cherish it like a treasure even after they grow up.

For those purchasing May dolls

Complete 5-piece set present

・3-piece care set (feather duster, gloves, cloth)


・Photo frame (with “Happy Hinamatsuri” music box)

A handy ``care set'' that is surprisingly easy to forget, and ``coverings'' that add a touch of glamor to a celebration. The photo frame that will remain as a memory even after the celebration is over comes with a music box featuring a carp streamer.

Heian Takehisa helmets have the taste of art and crafts, which sets them apart from mass-produced items. Please enjoy this wonderful Boy's Festival that will bring smiles to your family's faces for years to come .

Ai Haibara

The original form was created and supervised by contemporary sculptor Ai Haibara. Mr. Haibara is an artist who is attracting attention in the contemporary sculpture world, developing a unique world with works that combine traditional wood carving with acrylic paint. With warm expressions and original expressions, the warm and gentle world is attractive.


Ai Haibara

Born in Okayama Prefecture in 1981
2004 Graduated from Department of Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
2006 Completed the Department of Sculpture, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts (Solo exhibition)
2007 Heartbeat/Futaba Gallery (Tokyo)
2008 Secret Garden/unseal contemporary (Tokyo)
2010 The world of beginnings/unseal contemporary (Tokyo)
2011 colorful/Butchart International ,Contemporary Art Space (Taipei)
2013 A loving world/Okayama Tenmaya 5th floor art gallery (Okayama)
2016 Premonition/Takashimaya (Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Shinjuku)
2019 To you who I met someday somewhere/Setouchi City Museum of Art (Okayama)
That girl you’re curious about/Takashimaya (Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama)
2021 Meteor Spectrum/Neptune Gallery (Taipei)
2022 Message to you/Takashimaya (Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Shinjuku)

<Group exhibition>

2007 2nd Atelier Descendants or Future Exhibition/Former Hirakushi Denchu ​​Atelier (Tokyo)
Crossroads - Art that resonates - / Kurashiki City Museum of Art (Okayama)
2008 21st Century 3D Modeling vol.2/Matsuzakaya Main Store (Nagoya)
2009 6th Inujima Time (Okayama)
2010 7th Inujima Time (Okayama)
Japanese group show/Gallery IHN (Seoul)
2011 Tree Genealogy Three Generations Exhibition/Takashimaya (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Yokohama, Shinjuku, Nagoya)
2012 Artistic Christmas vol.VI / Shinjuku Takashimaya (Tokyo)
2013 21st Century Three-dimensional Modeling - Final Chapter of the Series - / Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store (Nagoya)
Art Now Okayama 2013 / Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza (Okayama)
2014 4th Mr. I Award Winner Exhibition / Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art (Okayama)
2015 10th Atelier Descendants or Future Exhibition / Tokyo University of the Arts Chinretsukan (Tokyo)
2016 Mirage Exhibition/Lower Akihabara (Tokyo)
2017 Shinjuku Takashimaya Art Gallery 10th Anniversary - And Expanding - Exhibition / Shinjuku Takashimaya (Tokyo)
Current Traditions: Contemporary Japanese Sculpture / Salisbury University Gallery (Maryland, USA)
Kaen/Lower Akihabara (Tokyo)
2018 Wood Science/XYLOLOGY -Origin and Starting Point-/Former Hirakushi Denchu ​​Residence (Tokyo)
2019 Japanese Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition/Neptune Gallery (Taipei)
2020 There is a Fuji you don't know about: Three-dimensional Mt. Fuji Exhibition / Takashimaya (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto) House of the Rising Light / Dorothy Circus Gallery (London, Rome)
2021 SPES-9 Artist Group Exhibition/Gallery Tsubaki (Tokyo)
Rising Triangle - Exploration of three sculptors / Shinjuku Takashimaya (Tokyo)
2022 Tatsushio Sculptor Exhibition/Neptune Gallery (Taipei)

2011: Received the 4th Okayama Prefecture Emerging Artist Development “Mr. I Award” Encouragement Award

商品サイズ H235×W193×D195mm
総重量 850g
素材 May doll, pedestal: cypress wood

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