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[Product information]

Product size: H59 x W350 x D95mm
Package size: H95 x W378 x D568mm
Material: Beech wood Carp streamer: Polyester fabric Weight: Approx. 1.5 kg

Contents: Carp streamer set (streamers, father, mother, child),
Mt. Fuji, arrow wheel, name plate

*This is the 2022 model Baby Stand Sora 2.0.

baby stand sora

This series was developed for overseas markets with the hope that the carp streamer, a traditional Japanese culture, would become a celebration of the birth of a baby boy and a symbol of growth and health around the world.

I decorate carp streamers in Japan for a celbration of a boy.

We aimed to create a design that takes advantage of the traditional culture and style of carp streamers and suits modern lifestyles. The carp streamer has a cute expression in soft pastel colors, and the stand features a traditional cornflower and Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japan.


Koinobori in the sky

The carp streamer design uses warm pastel colors and is designed to match modern interiors.


The arrow wheel has the meaning of warding off evil spirits. We arranged it in a modern way while respecting the traditional meaning.


The bottom of the pole features Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japan.

Name plate

Your name will be laser engraved. The motif is the helmet that is decorated during Boy's Festival.

[Place your name]

Your name will be laser engraved on the name plate.
You can choose from kanji, hiragana, katakana, and romaji.

*Name engraving fee is included in the price.

商品サイズ H590×W350×D95mm
箱サイズ H95×W378×D568㎜
総重量 約1.5㎏
素材 ブナ材 こいのぼり:ポリエステル生地

About Noshi and gift wrapping

・You can choose "Noshi" or "Original wrapping" for this product.

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・Noshi is available free of charge.

・This product is "Uchi Noshi".

(The appearance of Noshi varies depending on the region, so please contact us if you have any questions or requests .)

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