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List of celebration events


Various celebratory events that have been passed down in Japan since ancient times

My wish for them to grow up healthy and my feelings of gratitude that they are growing safely. It's filled with so much love for your baby. We hope you and your family can make wonderful memories while enjoying culture as the seasons change.

Those memories will one day become a great gift for your child.

  • Pregnancy/Maternity

    It is said that it takes about 10 months and 10 days from pregnancy to birth, but in reality, it is said that the period from finding out that you are pregnant to giving birth is about 9 months.
    Maternity life seems long but goes by in the blink of an eye. Parenting begins during pregnancy, not after birth. As you prepare to welcome your baby, cherish the time you can spend with your current family.

    [Pregnancy Gift] When giving a gift as a gift, you should be careful about the timing of the gift. Just in case, make sure to send the gift after your pregnancy is stable . Generally, the stable period of pregnancy is said to be around the 5th to 7th month of pregnancy. Also, baby goods are not allowed as pregnancy gifts.

  • Obi celebration/5th month pregnant

    The ``Obi Celebration'' is a ritual that has been passed down since ancient times and is held on the day of the dog in the fifth month of pregnancy. Pregnancy is celebrated by wrapping a girdle around the stomach, and people pray at shrines and temples for a safe delivery.

    The 5th month of pregnancy is when you enter a stable period and feel relieved.
    By celebrating obi, you will be able to relieve your anxiety about giving birth and feel closer to giving birth.

    Reading material ▶ Living in good health <Obi celebration>

  • birth/birth

    The beginning of a new life.

    The excitement and joy of holding a small baby to my chest and meeting an irreplaceable life is immeasurable.
    It's time to realize the preciousness of life, which still feels fleeting.
    I sincerely pray for your baby's healthy growth and your family's health.

    If you are sending a baby gift, it is best to send it within 7 days to a month.

  • Seven nights/seventh day

    A name is chosen on the night of the seventh day after birth and wishes for the baby's healthy growth.

    On this day, it is believed that the baby leaves the blessings of the god of birth, and it is customary to officially name the baby.
    A naming book with the baby's name written on it is displayed on a household altar or alcove and surrounded by a celebratory meal.

  • Shrine visit / (1 month after birth)

    A shrine visit is a traditional event that has been passed down since ancient times to greet the local deity that a child has been safely born. We visit shrines and temples around the first month of life to pray for their healthy growth.

    It is customary to do this on the 31st day after birth for boys and on the 32nd day for girls, but prioritize days when the weather is good and the baby's physical condition.

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  • First meal/Hundredth day celebration

    The beginning of the meal is a traditional event that has been held since the Heian period.
    This is a celebration held to commemorate the 100th day of birth.

    It is a ritual in which the baby is made to imitate eating and prays for the baby's healthy growth, with the wishes that ``you will not have trouble eating for the rest of your life'' and ``that you will grow up healthy and free from illness.''

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[First meal/Hundredth day celebration] items ▼

  • Half Birthday/6 months old

    Celebrating half a year since I was born. This is the time when you can feel your baby's growth in various ways, such as being able to roll over and starting to eat baby food.

    Babies grow at a dizzying pace, and the idea is to celebrate and record their growth over the past six months to preserve them as memories. There are also more ways to enjoy the celebration.

  • Wrap one sho worth of round mochi in a furoshiki to symbolize that you will never have to worry about food for the rest of your life. The baby carries it on his back and lets him walk to show that it has grown successfully.

    There is also a ritual called Chontori, in which an abacus, brush, money, etc. are placed in front of the baby, and the baby's future is predicted by which one is picked.

    What is [Issho Mochi Celebration]?

  • first new year

    New Year's is said to be the oldest event in Japan.

    The first New Year's Day after a baby is born is called ``Hatsushogatsu'', and ``Hatsushogatsu'' is treated as special not only because it is the first New Year's Day, but also because it was considered to be the first day for a baby to grow old. .

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New Year's items ▼

  • battledore decoration

    Hagoita is displayed during the first New Year as a ``talisman'' to pray for children's good health and healthy growth.

    Hagoita originated in the Muromachi period, when women played with each other to celebrate the New Year in the Imperial Court. Hanetsuki had the meaning of ``exorcising evil spirits'' and ``warding off bad luck.''

    What is [Hagoita decoration]?

  • Demon Bow Decoration

    Hamayumi is displayed during the first New Year as a ``talisman'' to pray for a child's good health and healthy growth.

    Since ancient times, it has been said that bows and arrows can imbue spiritual power, and during the New Year, a ``ceremony to expel demons'' called ``Tsuina,'' in which people shoot targets with a bow, is held, and was most popular during the Heian period. I did.

    What is [Hamayumi Decoration]?

  • [Sekku] means a turning point in the seasons, and since it is easy to get sick during the change of seasons, it has long been considered a time when ``evil spirits'' tend to enter, and there is a custom of praying and celebrating. Among them, the ``Peach Festival'' on March 3rd and the ``Boy's Festival'' on May 5th are celebrated with families to pray for the healthy growth of children.

    What is the first seasonal festival?

    The celebration of the first seasonal festival refers to the first seasonal festival that occurs once in a lifetime.

    It is a traditional event/ceremony similar to ``Omiyamairi'' and ``Okitome.'' The family gathers around a celebratory meal and celebrates with gratitude for being born and hopes for healthy growth in the future.

    Especially during the first year after your baby is born, you often feel the preciousness of life. Let's make this a warm first holiday so that we can fully feel the weight of the baby, pray that the family will protect it, that it will grow up smoothly, and express our gratitude for the baby's birth.

  • Peach Festival

    Peach Festival is a day of celebration especially for girls.

    ``Joshi no Sekku'' is called ``Peach Festival'' because it is celebrated around the time when peach blossoms begin to bloom. Families with girls display Hina dolls to pray for their healthy growth and happiness.



    [Peach Festival] TOP

  • Boys' Festival

    ``Boys' Festival'' is a day of celebration especially for ``boys.''

    We decorate with May dolls and carp streamers to express our wishes for the newborn child to have a happy life and to avoid disaster, and for the child to grow up safely and live a strong and robust life. I would like to congratulate you with all my heart.



    [Boys' Festival] TOP

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