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Tabletop carp streamer Kyo Nishiki

Tabletop carp streamer Kyo Nishiki

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Although it is the smallest, it has an authentic finish.


Kyo Nishiki by founder Japanese painter Haruho Tokunaga

The founder, Haruho Tokunaga, was impressed by the sight of carp streamers swimming in the sky above the burnt-out fields, and from that impression he envisioned carp streamers as a hope for the future. Since our founding in 1945, we have cherished the value of happiness that colors special days, and in 1990, the first Kyonishiki was born. Overturning the definition of black carp (Makoi) and red carp (Higoi), we use red and purple colors on black carp, and unique colors on red carp and blue carp to reproduce the real Nishikigoi.

Beautiful colors and delicate patterns created by hand dyeing each color one by one.

Using traditional hand-printing techniques, we completed the smallest carp streamer in our history. The delicate patterns are precisely reproduced through a mold printed on the silk screen. Unlike regular carp streamers, small works tend to clog the screen, and even the slightest deviation is not allowed. The smallest carp streamer requires time and skill. By bringing together the tradition of hand-printing and craftsmanship, we bring you ``Tabletop Carp Streamer Kyo Nishiki'' that is a harmonious combination of beauty and delicacy.


Product contents

商品サイズ <Size>
Width 23 x depth 9 x height 41cm (including arrow wheel)
箱サイズ Width 46.5 x depth 27 x height 9.4cm
総重量 Interior decoration set total weight/approx. 0.2kg
Total weight (boxed)/0.6kg
素材 Carp streamer / Toray Silk fabric

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