【NEW】徳永夕子の季節をめぐる 「春の七草」

[NEW] Yuko Tokunaga's Seasons "Spring Nanakusa"

Japanese parsley, shepherd's purse, gogyo, chickweed,
Hotokenoza, Suzuna, and Suzushiro.

The seven herbs of spring have a beautiful sound.

On January 7th, the People's Day Festival, we pray for good health and eat Nanakugayu.

Starting with the year-end cleaning, preparing for the New Year is quite a task.
Then, once the new year begins, the lively New Year's events continue, and it's time to feel tired both physically and mentally. Warm porridge that is gentle on the stomach and intestines is sure to soothe your tired body.

Lately, I've been buying a convenient Nanakusa Gayu (raw vegetable) set that is sold at a store because it's mentally difficult to collect each of the Nanakusa ingredients.
Last year I had trouble finding them, so this year I was looking for them early and found some freeze-dried Nanakusa. It's nice to have so many options.

I hope you stay healthy both physically and mentally this year.

Written by: Yuko Tokunaga

“Going Through the Seasons” is serialized on Instagram.

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