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Dining tableware set Jicon

Dining tableware set Jicon

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Living with sunshine

First meal tableware set

Japanese celebrations that remain today begin with enjoying food.

Celebrate your baby's first meal with this wonderful set of utensils.




"JICON JICON" combines the "porcelain" made in the "now" of modern times with the Buddhist term "jikon" (meaning "to live in the now"), and is made by the "Imamura family", which has been in business for 350 years. The name means "porcelain".
The Imamura family began making pottery in Mikawachi, Sasebo, and continued to make pottery as an official kiln for the Hirado clan, until the twelfth generation moved the kiln to Arita to expand the kiln. Hajime Imamura, the second son of the 13th generation Hiroshi Imamura, became independent from Toetsu Kiln. He opened Imamura Seito and continues to make JICON.
Utilizing the technique of white porcelain using Amakusa pottery stone, which has been used since Mikawachi and Arita, we are making everyday utensils that are still alive today.

First meal tableware set JICON-

At Hare to Living, we will be selling the ``Start Meal Tableware Set JICON'' as an original selection from the tableware brand ``JICON JICON'' that beautifully colors your life.

Contents of dinner tableware set

[Other bowl]

This rice bowl has a slightly curved edge and a rounded body, giving it both dignity and softness. The Hakama-shaped platform is very stable when placed on it, and it feels like it sticks to your finger when you pick it up, making it very easy to use.

[Soup bowl]

The chamfers create a clean appearance, and the shape is designed to fit your fingers and make it easy to lift. Enjoy your meal even more deliciously while admiring the various expressions created by the shadows depending on the light.

[flat bowl]

A pot bowl that goes well with both Japanese and Western food. The impressive flower carvings will enhance your dishes.

[Vase bowl]

The redesign is based on the details of a traditional Arita ware deformed plate called ``corner'', where the corners are inside.

[High cup]

Perfect for an auspicious dining table, this high cup is modeled on footed vessels from all over the world.

[About the texture of JICON]

In order to get a feel for the texture of the pottery stone and glaze, the glaze is hardly stirred and iron powder is added to the surface of the pottery so that the brown dots (iron contained in the porcelain clay and glaze) and rough particles appear on the surface. and fine particles remain. We aimed for the whiteness of the material itself, rather than the whiteness that looks like it has been bleached. The colored glazes are also based on ecru white glazes, creating colors that find universality in traditional colors that can transcend Japanese and Western cultures.

[About handling]

Microwave oven 〇

Dishwasher 〇

Oven ✕

・Please use the product correctly according to its intended purpose.・You can use the microwave, but please avoid using it in the oven.・When using the dishwasher, please be careful not to let it hit other utensils.・Please note that subjecting it to shock or sudden temperature changes may cause it to crack or break.・Do not use if it is broken, chipped, or cracked. - Due to its nature, porcelain easily transmits heat, so please be careful when handling hot items.・Manufacturing/Imamura Seito

Row of utensils/celebratory dishes

There are no set ingredients for simmered dishes, and local specialties and seasonal ingredients are often added. Taro, lotus root, bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, shrimp, etc. are commonly used, and various thoughts are put into them.

A plate that is conscious of its auspicious colors. Vinegared food has the role of refreshing your mouth and resetting your taste buds. Carrying good luck, it is served with red and white namasu and vinegared octopus from goro called ``tako''.

Since ancient times, the color red has been believed to ward off evil spirits and ward off evil spirits. Sekihan is indispensable not only at the beginning of a meal, but also at various celebrations.

Traditionally, sumashi soup is made with a good dashi stock, with the wish that ``the breasts will suck strongly and grow strong.'' It is common to add clams as an ingredient, ``so that you will be blessed with a good mate.''

Takawan incense/teething stone Around 100 days after birth, children begin to develop baby teeth, so we prepare ``teething stones'' to pray for the growth of strong teeth. It is also common to add pickled plums to wish for patience and longevity.

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商品サイズ Parent bowl: φ114×h51mm
Soup bowl: φ78×h70mm
Flat bowl: 214 x 154 x h24mm
Pot bowl: φ154×h45mm
High cup: φ78×h53mm
素材 porcelain

About Noshi and gift wrapping

You can choose "Noshi" or "Gift wrapping" for this product. (Please note that both cannot be included.)

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