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Set of 3 tsumami hair accessories <yellow>

Set of 3 tsumami hair accessories <yellow>

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At the time of celebration,

For a gorgeous hairstyle.

A hair accessory with a unique design that has a cute small and delicate knob work and a soft atmosphere that makes use of the watercolor blur. In collaboration with accessory artist ym., we have created an original accessory for living in the sunshine.

This 3-piece set includes 2 hair clips and 1 hair tie, making it easy to use forever.

Delicate knob work and transparent resin

Tsumamizaiku is a traditional technique unique to Japan that has been passed down since the Edo period.
When you think of tsumamizaiku accessories, many people may think of large items, but ym.'s tsumamizaiku have a delicate and elegant atmosphere. Watercolor bases have complex color mixing and bleeding, and no two are the same.
The plump resin finish gives you a refreshing sense of transparency.

You can create a casual Japanese atmosphere.

You can casually add a Japanese atmosphere to celebratory occasions such as Shichi-Go-San and New Year's.
You don't have to do difficult arrangements, just put it on and you'll instantly get a gorgeous hairstyle. Of course, it's cute for everyday use or when worn with your mom.
There are 3 types of color variations. We have pink, yellow, and blue sets available. A set of two hair ties and hair clips.

Each piece is made by hand.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece made by hand by accessory artist ym.
ym.'s accessories are attractive with their gorgeous and timeless watercolors, transparent resin, and delicate crepe work. Accessories are created by two people (actually a mother and daughter!): Matsu-san, who is in charge of the knob work, and Omisa-san, who is in charge of watercolor and resin. The two of them discuss the design, colors, and combinations of all the parts, and the design alone takes a lot of time to create.
We create each item with care based on our policy of ``I want to create something that can help someone.''

Recommended as a gift for that special someone.

Also perfect as a baby gift or birthday gift.
We also offer gift wrapping, which is perfect for gifts.

*As each piece is made by hand, there may be slight individual differences in size, shape, watercolor color, and pattern.

商品サイズ 《Hair tie》
Parts diameter approximately 25mm

" Barrette "
Clip 35mm
Tsumami parts part 20mm
Watercolor only parts 30mm
箱サイズ Length 160 x Width 118 x Depth 20mm
素材 《Hair tie》
・Japanese hair ties ・Acrylic board
・Cotton pearl ・Cloth

" Barrette "
・Plated metal fittings ・Acrylic plate
・Cotton pearl ・Cloth

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