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Chopstick rest 3 types included

Chopstick rest 3 types included

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A lovely chopstick rest series with motifs of plants and traditional shapes.

From the left in the photo, they are Tsurugi, Omodaka, and Futaba.
This is a set of three types of chopstick rests, one each.
Since it is shaped like a small plate, you can also use it with condiments such as wasabi or ginger.
A set of 3 comes in a paper box. Also perfect as a small gift.

[Material] Porcelain [Color] Unbleached [Size] Sword 69×36×h12mm / Sawa φ69×h12mm / Futaba 69×33×h12mm
[Notes] Microwave oven 〇 / Dishwasher 〇 / Oven ✕



"JICON JICON" combines the "porcelain" made in the "now" of modern times with the Buddhist term "jikon" (meaning "to live in the now"), and is made by the "Imamura family", which has been in business for 350 years. The name means "porcelain". The Imamura family began making pottery in Mikawachi, Sasebo, and continued to make pottery as an official kiln for the Hirado clan, until the twelfth generation moved the kiln to Arita to expand the kiln. Hajime Imamura, the second son of the 13th generation Hiroshi Imamura, became independent from Toetsu Kiln. He opened Imamura Seito and continues to make JICON. Utilizing the technique of white porcelain using Amakusa pottery stone, which has been used since Mikawachi and Arita, we are making everyday utensils that are still alive today.

商品サイズ 【size】
Sword 69×36×h12mm
Sawa φ69×h12mm
Futaba 69×33×h12mm
素材 porcelain

Microwave oven 〇 / Dishwasher 〇 / Oven ✕

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