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Celebration Mizuhiki 5-piece set

Celebration Mizuhiki 5-piece set

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A gorgeous mizuhiki set to decorate your celebratory meal at the beginning of your meal.

A cute and auspicious set of mizuhiki to decorate your dining table.
In collaboration with Mizuhiki artist Flower Mizuhiki, we have completed an original "Celebration Mizuhiki Set" for living in sunny weather.

Decorate with mizuhiki to make a special table

Traditional Japanese crafts have been turned into stylish mizuhiki decorations designed by mizuhiki artist Flower Mizuhiki. By scattering them around the celebratory meal at the beginning of your meal, you can create a gorgeous Japanese celebration.

The Mizuhiki set is available in two color variations: red and gold.
There are two types of contents: a 5-piece set that includes a shimenawa rope, a fan, one plum, three plums, and a chopstick rest, and a three-piece set that includes a shimenawa rope, one plum, and a chopstick rest. Please choose your favorite color and set while imagining the table you want to create.

Click here for [3-piece set]

Of course, it can be used not only for the first meal, but also for New Year's and other celebrations.

Mizuhiki is done one by one,
Everything is made by hand

Mizuhiki is a one-of-a-kind item that is made entirely by hand by mizuhiki artist Flower Mizuhiki. Mizuhiki is a traditional craft that has been passed down since ancient times, but Flower Mizuhiki's design has turned it into a stylish mizuhiki decoration that is suitable for today's times. We carefully create each piece with the idea of ​​``I want to create works that inherit Japanese culture while also being easy to pick up, and that will remain in the memories of children until they grow up.''

You can put your name on the natural wood chopstick rest.

Each chopstick rest has an attractive craft feel and is hand-carved in a wavy pattern, each with a slightly different shape.
The chopsticks fit into the hand-carved grooves and keep them securely in place. You can write your name on the chopstick rest. You can choose from kanji, hiragana, katakana, and romaji. (*Name engraving fee is included in the price)
With Mizuhiki and a chopstick rest with their name on it, it's sure to be a special celebratory meal for your child.

Recommended as a gift for that special someone.

Also perfect as a baby gift or birthday gift.
We also offer gift wrapping, which is perfect for gifts.

About mizuhiki

Mizuhiki is made by twisting washi paper into a stiff shape and applying water paste to prevent the strands from loosening. Although there are various theories, it is said that this is the origin of the word Mizuhiki. There is a theory that the culture of mizuhiki began in the Asuka period. Mizuhiki is a symbol of good luck, and in addition to being used to ward off evil spirits and protect against evil spirits, it also has the meaning of matchmaking.

商品サイズ 《Mizuhiki》
Gold: Height approx. 7.5cm Width approx. 9cm
Red: Height approx. 7.5cm Width approx. 8cm
・Fan / Height approx. 5cm Width approx. 7.5cm
・One plum / about 3cm in diameter
・Three plums / about 3cm in diameter
*As each item is made by hand, there may be slight individual differences in size and shape.

《Chopstick rest》
Width 5 x depth 1 x height 1cm
箱サイズ 《Set of 5》
Length 160 x Width 118 x Depth 20mm
素材 《Chopstick rest》
Natural wood (oak)
*As this is a handmade item using natural materials, there may be slight individual differences in color, wood grain, and finish.

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