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Pooka Hinalingyo -BASIC-

Flowers and flowers: Beech wood Saori woven folding screen: Cotton

“Japanese celebration culture” in everyday life

[Puca] is based on the theme of ``Festivals that are fun for children'' throughout the series, and has been packed with many ideas so that you can celebrate them as your child grows.

Of course for children celebrating their first festival! For families who are considering purchasing a new one amid changes in the environment, enjoy growth and celebration with the ``Puka, which can be enjoyed with all five senses'' and makes the festival more enjoyable every year.

It is around the first day of spring that the Pooka Hina dolls are displayed. One month until Doll's Festival.
Just as Japanese celebrations are a "culture that lives in daily life," the Puca series blends in with everyday scenery. We hope that you will incorporate the celebration into your daily life.


Things to touch, play with, and decorate

The gentle touch and sound of wood.

I want them to be exposed to it a lot from the time they are babies.


Traditional festival decorations are very glittering and luxurious.

However, "don't touch it" and "don't approach it!" are dolls for children.

Sometimes I hear stories of people giving up on decorating, and before they know it, they've lost the habit of decorating for years.

Hinamatsuri, March 3rd, is a day to express gratitude to the children who are growing up right in front of our eyes.

Let's have a fun Doll's Festival by decorating together with your children.


The cute Pooka dolls may get scratched or scratched by dropping them every time your child plays with them. But it won't break. Quality control so that it is safe for children to lick it.

You don't have to say "Don't touch it!" like traditional Hina dolls. I want to make hina dolls that not only parents but also children can enjoy together. That is the wish of us creators.

You can decorate it as you grow

We want you to feel your child's growth through Puca during the annual Peach Festival.

When the baby is a baby, the family decorates it.
Someday with mom.
So that you can decorate it yourself someday.

A compact design that fits your lifestyle even if your lifestyle changes due to an increase in your family or the growth of your children. You can display it without having to prepare a special room or place.

Puka is not a Hina doll that a mother can display alone, but a Hina doll that can be used with children and can be touched, played with, and displayed. I want you to use your precious time to have as much fun as possible.

Puka, a gift made with carefully selected materials

The quality of the wood gets better as it grows

Throughout the Puca series, wooden items are made using beech wood (beech), which is often used in Scandinavian furniture.

Colons and cute dolls are formed from cut wood, and each piece is finished by hand. Experience the quality of this item, which will fit in perfectly wherever you display it, such as on a shelf or table in your room.

You can enjoy it as it ages like furniture, and it will become a Hina doll that you will love as you get older.



Stylish SAORI woven folding screen

In order to take advantage of the texture and three-dimensional feel of the simple Hina Ningyo BASIC, we carefully create each piece using Saori Ori, which has a distinctive weave.
Unique to hand-woven fabrics is the ability to weave yarns with different counts (thicknesses). You will see that the rich texture of cotton thread is completely different from machine weaving.

Attention to detail

All Puka colors are hand-painted, making it a one-of-a-kind product that can be enjoyed by babies with poor color vision and stylish moms who are particular about their interior design.

This year's Hinamatsuri is also fun

The Puka series can be enjoyed when you're a little older.

A profile with a serious expression. Her tiny fingertips grasp the parts in a daze, assembling the Hina doll in a dancing motion. She looks more like an older sister than last year. Your fingertips are becoming more dexterous. A voice calling for mom.
"I've cleaned up!"
Puca boxes fit together like a puzzle, making them perfect for learning how to clean up.



I feel happiness once again on the turning point of the festival, a day to celebrate growth.
As my daughter gets older, she learns how to decorate and thinks about how she should decorate it next time. Eventually, my daughter learned the names of the parts and told me, ``This is how you decorate.''

March 3rd, the Peach Festival, is when I feel my daughter's growth.
We will give you Hina dolls to help you enjoy the day of celebration, so that you can have a memorable Doll's Festival forever.

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