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[Puca] Puca tantango

[Puca] Puca tantango

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  • 商品説明
  • Noshi/gift wrapping

[Product information]

Product size: H300 x W297 x D165mm
Package size: H65 x W320 x D307mm
Material: Beech wood Carp streamer: Polyester fabric Weight: Approx. 1.2kg

Contents: Ningyo (general), Dogu (sword, military commander),
White horse, tiger, cornflower, carp streamer (3), fan, pine, arrow feather,
Flowers (2), Mt. Fuji, pole, mini stand (2), decorative stand (2 tiers)

fun to decorate

Tan ♪ Tan ♪ Tan ♪ May dolls that can be stacked and displayed.
You can decorate them in any way you want, such as stacking them up or tiering them.
How should I decorate this year?

*Contains small parts. Please play with parents to prevent children under 3 years old from accidentally ingesting it.

Decorate as you like

You can decorate them in any way you like, such as stacking them on top of each other or placing them on a stand. How should we decorate it this year?
There are many other ways to decorate, so try them out.

We have collected auspicious motifs for Boy's Festival.

Perfect for gifts

The cute packaging makes it perfect as a gift.
Comes with a storage sponge,
It can be stored neatly and is very convenient to put in and take out every year.

About Noshi and gift wrapping

・You can choose "Noshi" or "Original wrapping" for this product.

“Noshi” page

"Original wrapping" page

・If you would like it, please add it to your cart from [Gift Wrapping].

・Noshi is available free of charge.

・This product is "Uchi Noshi".

(The appearance of Noshi varies depending on the region, so please contact us if you have any questions or requests .)

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