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A vessel for living with sunshine


We have started an on-line shop, Utsuwa for living with sunshine!

Including tableware to decorate your celebratory table,

We will introduce tableware and miscellaneous goods that will make your everyday dining table a little special.

Introduction of the brands we handle

Original selection for living in sunshine


An original selection series centered on table items carefully selected by the online shop <Hare to Seikatsu>.

Brighten up both your celebratory table and your everyday dining table.

We have a collection of vessels that are natural yet colorful. We hope that your celebration table with your family will be more colorful.


"JICON JICON" combines the "porcelain" made in the "now" of modern times with the Buddhist term "jikon" (meaning "to live in the now"), and is made by the "Imamura family", which has been in business for 350 years. The name means "porcelain". The Imamura family began making pottery in Mikawachi, Sasebo, and continued to make pottery as an official kiln for the Hirado clan, until the twelfth generation moved the kiln to Arita to expand the kiln. Hajime Imamura, the second son of the 13th generation Hiroshi Imamura, became independent from Toetsu Kiln. He opened Imamura Seito and continues to make JICON. Utilizing the technique of white porcelain using Amakusa pottery stone, which has been used since Mikawachi and Arita, we are making everyday utensils that are still alive today.

Nishikawa Teizaburo Shoten

Gojozaka is the ancient capital of Kyoto. Teizaburo Nishikawa Shoten is located in an area lined with pottery kilns and pottery studios. Since our establishment in 1917, we have been selling ceramics and porcelain, mainly Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki, both domestically and internationally. The first owner, Teizaburo Nishikawa, exhibited at the 1958 Belgian World's Fair and introduced Shimizu ware, and the second generation, Keitaro, also began handling Japan's excellent traditional crafts and miscellaneous goods.
The current president has taken over from his predecessor and is working hard to promote sales of Kiyomizu ware and traditional Japanese crafts, as well as introducing the outstanding traditional Japanese culture to the world.

Toumei resin

<Japanese products with a modern feel. >Toumei is based on the resin processing professional group "Masuki Resin Co., Ltd." and is constantly creating Japanese products with a new feel using the skills of young designers and craftsmen. Based on acrylic resin, we bring out the potential of the material by combining it with different materials such as wood and foil stamping, and by creating original graphics. We reconsider the beauty of Japanese products from a unique perspective and propose enriching lives with resin products for the next generation and overseas.

Yosozawa Wood Crafts

Each grain of wood grows thicker and larger, as if embracing itself, and accumulates strength. It takes about 100 years for the tree to grow to a size that can be used to make plates and trays.

At Yosozawa Wood Crafts, we use the precision and speed of machines to carve the sturdy wood from the mountains without waste, and create a high-quality texture through delicate polishing by hand.

We aim to carve out the 100 years of power contained in solid wood so that it can be used for more than 100 years, and bring the beauty of wood to everyday life. We value trees and choose ways to make and live our lives in a way that allows us to pass on rich mountain forests to future generations.


We provide a variety of products and information that enrich your life, with a focus on items that decorate your table.