Collection: [Puca] Hanakoromo


New appearance! Hina dolls wearing Puca costumes



It has been 3 years since the extremely popular wooden Hina doll [Puca's HINANINGYO] was released.
Puca brand has released a very cute hina doll wearing a kimono with sleeves. Its name is “hana koromo”

These are authentic Hina decorations that are packed with ingenuity and attention to detail.

Brand Puca
A brand of seasonal and celebratory products that was launched with the theme of fun celebrations for children.
We create children's celebratory items such as Hina dolls and carp streamers using natural thinking, and propose them as items that will support the growth and life of children and their families for a long time.
[HINANINGYO] and [TANTANGO] are very popular every year as ``Festival decorations that you can decorate, touch, and play with.''
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