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Puka new year decorations

The long-awaited Hama Bow has joined the Puca series!

The ``Hamayumi Ornament'', which received many requests from fans, has been made into a long-awaited product after two years.
The parts include auspicious motifs, pine, bamboo, and plum blossoms, and Yabusame archers. The arrow has the meaning of protecting all directions.

The Puca series, which can be touched, played with, and displayed from the end of the year to the beginning of the year, will become a celebratory item that will become more familiar to your child as they grow. The material is beech wood, which is used in Scandinavian furniture, and can be used as a natural and gentle interior decoration.

Celebrate the New Year with Puca's Hama Bow.

A fun and stylish New Year

Cute motif parts are the first step to becoming more seasonal!

Auspicious New Year's motifs include pine, bamboo, and plum blossoms, white hawks, and Yabusame archers.

The arrow has the meaning of protecting all sides, and is decorated with a design typical of Puca. 

■Delivering high-quality textures like furniture

Throughout the Puca wood products series, we use beech wood (beech), which is often used in Scandinavian furniture.

Each part is hand-made to fit easily in the hands of small children. You can feel the quality of the product, and the quality of the material allows you to enjoy it over time, making you love the years you spend with your child even more.

Enter your name

You can put your name on the cute Mt. Fuji parts!

We will engrave your name on the name plate using UV printing. You can choose from kanji, hiragana, katakana, and romaji. (*Name engraving fee is included in the price)

Puca that you can touch, play with, and decorate

"Don't touch it!" There is no need for such words in Puca's festival.
The gentle touch and sound of wood. I hope you will come into contact with it a lot. Puca is a festival item made so that children can enjoy the festival together. Please feel the free gaze of children when celebrating and wishing for their growth.

You can experience a ritual to exorcise evil spirits with a demon bow!

We attached a spring to the bow so that we could recreate the ``Makigen no Gi,'' a ritual in which the strings of a bow are plucked to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune.
You can enjoy the sound of the spring and the sound of the bell every time you flick it.

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Enjoy the New Year with Puka's Hagoita and Hamayumi♪

Experience fun and play with Puca's New Year's decorations!

Families decorate it for the first New Year. Next year I'll be with my mom. I hope I can decorate it myself someday.
During the New Year, which only happens once a year, we would like you to feel your child's growth through Puca.
Can we decorate together this year? How can I decorate it?
Puca's New Year's decorations will make you look forward to your child's growth next year and the year after.

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商品サイズ (basic size)
箱サイズ H70×W220×D210
総重量 1.3kg
素材 Natural wood/acrylic

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