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Introducing various types of carp streamers

Congratulatory carp [Kiccho]

Painted by Japanese painter Haruho Tokunaga,
A masterpiece of the highest quality, carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen

The jacquard material has a silky texture and is woven with noble paulownia bamboo phoenix and kirin patterns that were favored by generations of aristocrats. It is dyed using the traditional hand-dyed Yuzen bokashi technique, and is studded with golden glitter for an even more luxurious finish. The streamers are traditional five colors based on the wavy water pattern of the auspicious pattern. In the center, I drew the highest-ranking flying dragon with wings, so that the dragon from the legend of Toryumon would take even greater leaps.

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Presentation dyed Yuzen carp [Kyo Nishiki]

A highly artistic Nishikigoi painted by Japanese painter Haruho Tokunaga.

“Kyo Nishiki, Yuzen Carp” is a realistic representation of the graceful appearance of Nishikigoi, created by Japanese painter Haruho Tokunaga. In addition to dyeing Nishikigoi's unique colors using a seven-color blur, the entire scales are decorated with fan-shaped gold, and in order to approximate the appearance of an actual Nishikigoi, each carp (black, red, and blue) is dyed with a different pattern. When exposed to sunlight, it shines silvery white.

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Kinsai Gentsuki no Koi [Goi]

The powerful swim and the shining string moon express the scale of the figure.

It is dyed using traditional textile printing techniques to give it a vivid color. The carp streamers are made of gorgeous aluminum gold leaf, and a shining string moon is drawn between the clouds to express their strength and scale. The streamers are based on a deep green color and are sprinkled with ``shobumaru'' patterns, which are closely related to the Boy's Festival, to symbolize a birthday celebration for your child and a wish for their healthy growth.

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Mitsuhashi Jun's carp streamer [Satsuki no Uta]

Collaboration of tradition and art

A new type of carp streamer was completed by combining the traditional Japanese culture of carp streamers with art, and working together with dyeing artist Jun Mitsuhashi to develop the carp streamer.

Jun Mitsuhashi's soft colors and warm painting style have created unprecedented new value for carp streamers while still being based on tradition. These carp streamers are colorful and warm, as if they have just jumped out of the artwork.

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Puca [carp streamer]

Very popular! Puca series carp streamer


Puca's unique world view, such as the "Selectable Puca" which has been a long-seller since the brand's establishment, the wooden series "Baby Stand SORA" and "Puka's House" [Puca that can be touched, played with, and displayed]
Enjoy it as you grow from the first festival!

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